Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ellie's Outfit of the Day...we love bow shoes! wearing some lovely hand-me-downs from her big sister, Alani...
her dress shirt is from Naartjie
pants" from Naartjie too!
THE BOW SHOES (oh those bow shoes- that we are going to be so sad about, when they are too small!): are from Old Navy
Ellie was starting to say cheese here!
She is so precious...
I tried to put other pairs of shoes on her today and she insisted on the bow sandals!

And finally I will be uploading a VLOG to my "vlog/random channel" on youtube: The Kandee Johnsons Show (i hope it makes you laugh or smile...I love the Justin Bieber part)

hugs and bow shoes....your kandee

FYI: the snack Blakey is talkin' about in our "vlog today" is the same snack I show ya how to make in this video (it's dangerously delicious": Click on any of these bad-mama-jamma's to see all the other goodie-ness I post all over the place:

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