Thursday, November 22, 2012

and you thought your Thanksgiving Eve was boring...

Who: Ellie
Ellie, making one of the funniest, "thos is so not interesting" looks ever.
When: last night
Where: the living room
 Alani made this La La Loopsie figure out of play-dough...we took a picture, cuz' we're like that.
 I stayed home while everyone else went to go have fun and make a video (since the house would be quiet) which came out so awful, lighting is so ugly and gross, I can't even use it! bleeeeeeeh)
(me with the light that didn't even help make it look nice)
 our pile of "fairy pumpkins"....waiting to be arranged into something nicer looking than this.
I ate some onion soup and Jordan, and all the other boys in the family visiting, went to see 007 at the movies.

I boringly went to bed really early for myself...but the oven is on to bake up some yummy cinnamon roll goodness!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...from kandeeland

and if you want an ab workout just from laughing, watching me workout, enjoy this:


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