Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well, hello bedtime, we meet again:

This is what my legs look like before bed- all snug and cozy underneath my jammies (hot pink jammie pants and acqua thermal top from Targie AKA Target)
PS. yes I do have a dress form in my room, I don't just have a fake torso in my room! ha ha ha
The kids like to surprise me and put clothes and accessories on her.
 I love bedtime: me and elllie bellie cuddling in bed...while we watched a movie
she was blowing kisses and making me laugh....

ONE OF MY FAVORITE TIMES OF THE DAY: when everyone is all cozy for bed. Some days it just feels like my life is a serious of me laying in bed, thinking: "whoa, wasn't it just last night and I did the same thing?!?"
We have finished another day, we survived, we made it, we conquered it, we made it amazing.
I get to snuggle and cuddle and just soak up how precious they are and tell them how much I love them. Everyone should go to sleep knowing and hearing how much they are loved and how precious they are.

*laugh a little (giggling is always good before bed)
*snuggle and cuddle with your lil' ones (babies, puppies, a blanket, whatever)
* make sure everyone has a glass of water for the nighttime thirsties
*give lots of hugs and say lots of "i love you's"
* read fun stories or watch a fun movie (I love old movies!)
*tell each other how precious they are and tell them how much you love them
*sometimes we even dance around to lullaby music

and then off to dreamland.....
yes, dreamland we shall meet again....good night or good morning hugs, your kandee the hugger

and enjoy a little "help your hair look cuter super fast" video I uploaded today:


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