Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beards and a Crock of Lies....

 When: last night
Who: Ellie and Blakey

 What: I heard lots of laughing coming from the I went to inspect the reason....I saw two "foam bearded" people giggling and brushing their teeth!
Blake is quite fond of his foam shaving well as his lil' best friend, AKA his sister, AKA Ellie
 He even put some in her her hair for extra fun.

Now we're almost ready for the "crock of lies"....but first, since it was rainy and cold today, I thought...."oh I'll make some biscuits and stew for dinner"...that will seem cozy, hearty and warm, right?!?
 NOW....enter the "crock of lies":
This is how pretty the stew came out- below....that simmered all afternoon in the crockpot. Which let a yummy aroma, dance through the air of the house, making you hungry just inhaling.

The big, "what a crock" that when I read the directions, it said it would just take a few minutes to prepare...
well, for me it took so stinkin' long...
by the time I finished peeling all the potatoes (which I'm not a fan of anyway)
chopping everything up
mixing the flour and spices and everything...
I don't know why it took me like 3 times longer than the time it said to "prepare"
But I think I know where the term "what a crock" came from now....
and it turns out, that Jordan told me he doesn't like stews, soups, or anything liquidy for dinners...
Blake's favorite were the carrots.
Ellie loved the potatoes and spit out all the celery.
And Alani loved it!
At least I had one stew fan! ha ha ha ha ha

I redeemed myself with dessert....maple waffles with salted caramel ice cream and whipped cream on top... heh heh heh

out like the trash on trashnight, your kandee

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