Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Happens When You Say Smile

Ellie is our lil' smile-happy-making-machine...she just makes us all smile.
This was her outfit of the day.
 She insists on having her nails polished. It even ended up all over my pajama pants last night...
But the best part is...this is what she did when I said: SMIIIIIILE:
 After she did this awesome pose....
we went to the dentist....
which is where we will also be going at the crack of sunrise for the rest of everyone's dentist I wish we could've all gotten them done yesterday, at the same time.....ugh

We ate BBQ food for dinner....and we didn't have dessert because we went and got frozen yogurt before dinner, because sometimes that's just fun to do. Try it sometime. Be a dessert rebel.

if only I had a frozen yogurt machine in my house...or actually the FlavorBurst machine because that's my favorite....ahhhh dreaming of Flavor Burst frozen yogurt in Butter Pecan flavor, kandee

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pictures Can Be Deceiving: Dinner Last Night

Yes, this was dinner at my house last night.
Sure it's might look good.
And yes, my roasted broccolli is so stinkin' good, the kids eat it like candy.
But my pasta sauce, was so's just like recipes on Pinterest...
The pictures look great, they say things like: Pin now read later, or The Best "whatever-it-is" you'll ever taste, only to leave you with actually making it and it is no where near the "best anything"! ha ha
 My poor pasta before it became victim to my gross sauce.
And below is the said GROSS SAUCE...why you ask?
I tried to make some roasted tomato and pumpkin sauce with parmesan, and it just came out so disgusting...I had to whip up an alternative something to eat! ha ha ha
I hope this makes anyone who's tried a "you're gonna love this recipe" from Pinterest and it came out so awful, or you try to be creative and whip something up only to regret the moment it touched yout's ok. I do it, and did it too!

Not Julia Childs, but just Kandee

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Art Installations In My House

 In case you wondered hat kind of art was on my walls....
I'll just show you the "art" on our wall...none of which was made by me..ha hah a

ABOVE: this was the "Art installation" in Jordan's was kindly and creatively done by Jordan's cousin (well and he's my cousin too)...
you will see a Kendama, a hair pick, some Bod spray, a spring to: I think a trampoline, a sharpie pen, and and empty pack of Cold Calm... homeopathic cold supplements.

Yes, it's amazing.

And then we move down to Blake's bedroom door...where Alani had decorated his door in his favorite Angry Bird art...but with not very nice "words", that thankfully Blake did not notice the words she wrote. They have been removed...and we talked about talking kindly and spreading words of love and encouragement...

I think we shall just start calling our house...The Gallery. ha ha ha ha

hugs and random art-ness, your kandee

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sprinkles and Shades

This was out Sunday Afternoon Treat...
I opted for the Butterscotch Flavor Burst Yogurt- basically it's vanilla custard with Butterscotch swirled in it AND my favorite:

And these lil cuties showed off the latest in "eyewear" on the runways of our kitchen....
Ellie in Blakey's lil' sunglasses we got at the Melrose Trading Post and her mix matched jammies she picked out herself.
 And Blake wearing these fancy swimming goggles and his StarWars Lego jammies.....
 they came out of Blake's room so excited to show off their "sunglasses"! I just can't stand the cuteness, my heart just wanted to explode!

Happy Monday...let's make this week rock n' roll with awesomeness! Even if we have un-awesome, moments!

Hugs, your kandee

And Don't forget to check out my very first COLLAB video...RIGHT HERE!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday: How I Clean Like A Boss

This is how you clean with kids....Ellie in her Ergo Carrier....ha ha ha
#1. We have been waking up at about 5am since we got back from London
#2. This is awesome because by the time the sun comes up I'm gettin' stuff done
#3. This morning I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the house, and mopped 
(you can see my non-dry-ables hanging to dry)
And this is what I looked like in my cleaning clothes AKA my jammies.
 And no I don't always clean in my Whooga boots (they are like Uggs), but I was taking the trash out then just left them on to be a mopping machine.
I look like a superher with a superpowered cleaning back-pack! ha ha ha
 Just finished mopping and making breakfast smoothies...and I'm still in my cleaning outfit! ha ha ha

Happy Saturday from your favorite mopper, Kandee

PS. If you missed Blakey's FAvorites Video....CLICK HERE, he's so excited about his video as you can see..and watch his ending- his "big hugs" at the end is my favorite!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Me and Captain America have a treat video for you!

This is me and my superhero of the house, Captain America AKA Blake...
and he really wanted to make a video showing you guys his favorite things: ANGRY BIRDS toys...

Miss Ellie Bear makes is like his sidekick....

We hope this brightens and makes your Friday filled with a little more favorite part is at the end when he says: "huge hugs from our hose to yours"....

Oh how I love my little Captain America and his 3-D glasses from the movies....

Hoooooray for Friday, Kandee and The Captain

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shoe Make-overs: Schwing Wings

It's shoe make-over time...and we're giving our shoes some  SHWINGS baby!
 We took Alani's Vans and and added some steez, style, some angel wings of awesomeness....
 I've been a SCHWINGS fan since my sister gave me a pair for my bday.... they make any shoe insta-sytlie...and not to mention my fav, Gwen Stefani's boys rock the Shwings as do The Beckham boys (you know as in David and Victoria Beckham!)...
And fear no shoe....if you happen to have a little one with velcro shoes....check it out, these are Blakeys velcro wings for his speedy shoes....
 And yes, Alani will be the fastest girl in PE today with her wings...
once upon a time it was Air you can give all your sneeks some wings to get some air!
These are so stinkin' cool....and Alani was so excited to wear this babies today!

forget Redbull....Shwings give you wings... (ha ha ha), your homegirl, kandee

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Biggest Baby!

It's official! My Jordan is officially 16!
I can't believe it!
Since he doesn't like to be photographed by me, too much....I thought I'd post his adorable lil picture of him when he was about 18 months old!

Happy Birthday to my most precious first born baby!

this is one of my favorite can see how much fun we have...because he's pretty funny and pretty awesome, if i do say so myself:

Can't believe he is way taller than me now.....
ha ha ha ha...... kandee

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bears on the streets of London...

 My little bear pushing her little bear....verrryyyyy slowwwwlyyyyy on the streets on London.
Ellie's hat has fallen under the tube, in the mud, has been washed in the hotel sink and blowdried numerous times...
And she insists on pushing this stroller (AKA pram or push-chair in Britain) everywhere we go!

And finally when she's de-bear-ed, she looks like this...we go from bears to monkey jammies...
huge bear hugs from me and the bear/monkey/ellie bear........awww we're gonna miss you London....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ellie and The Queen

 Ellie just hanging out with the Queen...
well, the Lego version of the queen....and the rest of the Royal "lego" family...
 we ran into the "Royal Family" inside the AMAZING Hamley's toy's just incredible!
 we went to the SCRUMPALICIOUS floor.....
where we had to try some cupcakes and I got a "flavorburst" ice cream....I've had them at home too, and Butterscotch is my favorite flavor!

Ellie waiting on her lollipop stool....
 Alani walking up to the CandyCakes truck! How fun is this?!?
It's like Willy Wonka meets toy store, meets London...
we love it!

hugs and candycakes, from Kandee and her little "kandeecakes"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goodbye Paris...we ALL love you

my little people heading to the train in Paris...
then after we missed our first train...
ate lots of croissants
we looked a little more like this:

Ellie made this face while eating crackers:

I didn't get one good picture of the "fairytale like" French countryside...but it was just so amazingly beautiful...each little village looked like I was just looking in a beautiful "fairtytale photograph"....

Dear Paris,
you have etched your beauty on our hearts, we shall miss your Patisseries (did I spell that right?), and we shall be singing "La Vie En Rose" with our little music box, until we can behold your beauty again...lots of love, Kandee and her little family

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The 2 Bear Twins in Paris

 Little Bear #1 sitting in a chair in the Metro in Paris....she goes by the name of Ellie.
Then Big Bear #2 that goes by the name of Nana, or I call her her matching "bear hood"! ha ha ha ha ha
 I don't think my mom meant to match Ellie, but I thought it was hilarious! ha ha ha
Walking the street of Paris last night, after dinner.....
It felt as if we were in a movie...I am so blessed, thankful and excited that we got to go to Paris...
and to hear all my little people saying "merci" and "bonjour" was just adorable!!!

bonjour or bonsoir...... from Kandee and her family (of polar bears) ah ah

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Louvre Jumping

 Basically Blake has "jumped" and "bounced" all over Paris......
this is him asking me to take a picture of him mid-jump at the Louvre...

and Blake is pretty much blurry in all pictures because he never stops moving....ha ha ha
Plus, it was FREEEEEEEZING the jumping was great at keeping us warm, well...not warm, but warmer! ha ha ha ha

We are off to go find a snack...I really want an eclair, which is weird because when I post this, it will be lunch time at home...and it's late night snack before bed.....
le hugs (that's as French as I can get, because I can't get my mouth to make ths sounds to say "hugs" in French...ha ha hah a)
your kandee

Monday, February 11, 2013

My little loves in Paris!

 Forget the Raspberry little Alani wore a hot pink beret in Paris!
Riding the carousel with the Eiffel tower in the background...
ok, I just want to blow this picture up and hang it on my wall when I get home!!

It is official...
we all are in LOVE with Paris...
and these things we loved today:
ECLAIRS (cafe and chocolate)
any and all CAROUSELS
Blakey looking like he's doing some Native American dance moves (he actually has a cousin that really does compete in Native American dancing..ha ha ha) behind Ellie that looks like she's "sleep standing"

 And after the "sleep dancer" danced by, Ellie is awake, in her giant gloves....she had to borrow my mom's was getting cold!

Oh my love bugs had such an amazing day....I'm so tired...from carrying a sleeping Ellie for half an hour as we walked around pretty much in the totally wrong direction...ha ha ha
Blakey is in the bath, Alani is fresh from the bath, Ellie is asleep....and I need a bath! ha ha ha

bisous (kisses)....I learned hoe to say hugs in French from my friend Frany yesterday, but I've already mouth just refused to make the right sound...ha ha hah a

so American hugs it is, your kandee in Paris (that is so amazing to be able to say that!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Ellie on a Big Train...

Ellie on a train...
after riding on the train, I wish we could just ride trains everywhere!
I've now decided it is my new favorite way to travel- there is no fear of turbulence this way!!
Ellie made friends with a little baby and they visited a long time!
 we are about to go on a quick adventure on the train...stay tuned to see where we are going...
we are ridiculously excited!!!

huge hugs and lots of love from the new train-fan, kandee

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Portobello Rd Adventures

 Me and Ellie in her stroller (or as they call it here in the UK, a "pram", or someone today called it a "pusher"....I love it!)
 We headed to Portobello Rd...which is an awesome place with antiques, shoe stores, vintage clothes, and produce for sale...
 Making run for it across the street....
 Ellie keeping it "panda" everywhere we go....
 My favorite is Ellie searching for her pockets...

sharing our pomegranate and raspberry presse, I've never had a "presse", it's just like a fizzy juice...tasty.

 and ellie really wanted to take that like green "push donkey" home with us...ha ha ha
my eyes took in so many awesome things...then we walked back in the rain, without an umbrella..ha ha ha

hugs and trying to upload a new video today....(click here to see if it's up yet) kandee


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