Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday: How I Clean Like A Boss

This is how you clean with kids....Ellie in her Ergo Carrier....ha ha ha
#1. We have been waking up at about 5am since we got back from London
#2. This is awesome because by the time the sun comes up I'm gettin' stuff done
#3. This morning I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the house, and mopped 
(you can see my non-dry-ables hanging to dry)
And this is what I looked like in my cleaning clothes AKA my jammies.
 And no I don't always clean in my Whooga boots (they are like Uggs), but I was taking the trash out then just left them on to be a mopping machine.
I look like a superher with a superpowered cleaning back-pack! ha ha ha
 Just finished mopping and making breakfast smoothies...and I'm still in my cleaning outfit! ha ha ha

Happy Saturday from your favorite mopper, Kandee

PS. If you missed Blakey's FAvorites Video....CLICK HERE, he's so excited about his video as you can see..and watch his ending- his "big hugs" at the end is my favorite!


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