Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Dior

 London...Ellie is here!
Ellie trying to get into the Dior store....but all the stores were locked up....ha ha
 My moms jasmine flower tea....looked like a mermaid should be swimming in her cup....amazing! At Wagamama.
 If you've always wanted to know what it looks like in a "subway" train on The Tube...this is it!
My mom took pictures of me and Ellie, but my computer crashed during upload and deleted them ughhhh, I looked awful anyway...ha ha ha

And this is what the crazy time difference does....wide awake at 11:42pm like it's morning! ha ha ha
But isn't the clock adorable.....
I'm off and running...a little behind...have to go work today...I can't talk about it yet, but it's kind of really awesome! Can't wait to tell you guys!

Huge hugs and I just drank wayyy too much tea, your kandee with a burnt tea tongue


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