Monday, February 11, 2013

My little loves in Paris!

 Forget the Raspberry little Alani wore a hot pink beret in Paris!
Riding the carousel with the Eiffel tower in the background...
ok, I just want to blow this picture up and hang it on my wall when I get home!!

It is official...
we all are in LOVE with Paris...
and these things we loved today:
ECLAIRS (cafe and chocolate)
any and all CAROUSELS
Blakey looking like he's doing some Native American dance moves (he actually has a cousin that really does compete in Native American dancing..ha ha ha) behind Ellie that looks like she's "sleep standing"

 And after the "sleep dancer" danced by, Ellie is awake, in her giant gloves....she had to borrow my mom's was getting cold!

Oh my love bugs had such an amazing day....I'm so tired...from carrying a sleeping Ellie for half an hour as we walked around pretty much in the totally wrong direction...ha ha ha
Blakey is in the bath, Alani is fresh from the bath, Ellie is asleep....and I need a bath! ha ha ha

bisous (kisses)....I learned hoe to say hugs in French from my friend Frany yesterday, but I've already mouth just refused to make the right sound...ha ha hah a

so American hugs it is, your kandee in Paris (that is so amazing to be able to say that!)


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