Monday, February 25, 2013

Sprinkles and Shades

This was out Sunday Afternoon Treat...
I opted for the Butterscotch Flavor Burst Yogurt- basically it's vanilla custard with Butterscotch swirled in it AND my favorite:

And these lil cuties showed off the latest in "eyewear" on the runways of our kitchen....
Ellie in Blakey's lil' sunglasses we got at the Melrose Trading Post and her mix matched jammies she picked out herself.
 And Blake wearing these fancy swimming goggles and his StarWars Lego jammies.....
 they came out of Blake's room so excited to show off their "sunglasses"! I just can't stand the cuteness, my heart just wanted to explode!

Happy Monday...let's make this week rock n' roll with awesomeness! Even if we have un-awesome, moments!

Hugs, your kandee

And Don't forget to check out my very first COLLAB video...RIGHT HERE!


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