Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cotton Candy Sheets & Pink Bedtime

 Fresh from bathtime...
in our Pink Striped jammies (Under the Nile Organic Striped jammies) that we got at Whole Foods...super soft cotton and cuddly- like every bedtime thing should be.
 One of our (and by "our" I mean, her) favorite things to play with is any remote control...
 I was putting clean sheets on my bed, after putting clean clothes on my clean baby...we had a clean theme going on.
One of my favorite "personal likes" is the smell of clean sheets- fresh and yummy smelling...and that is right when it hit me, that I wished they made COTTON CANDY scented fabric softener... I would love to go to bed dreaming I was sleeping on a big cotton candy puff. Wouldn't you!?
My baby smelled like Cake Batter...I'll blog later about her yummy shampoo....can you tell I  love everything that truly smells like it was made in Candyland. My house is a virtual "sweet scented" haven of yumminess everywhere you look! ha ha ha

Pink Cotton Candy dreams when ever your head floats gently on your pillow...and may someone, somewhere see this and make a cotton candy scented fabric softener...ha ha ha

pinkyness and hugs, your kandee

PS. My mom used to say this to me at night when I was little:
"I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me."...nothing helps you sleep when you're litte (or big), as being tucked in bed with love and a kiss!

Monday, January 30, 2012

How Do You Spend Your Sunday? (this is what we do

 First we went to church.
Then we went to lunch- which is where we took these pictures.
We are amazed at something on our fingers....
 and make this serious face....
We ate lots of Butternut Squash.

Then we went to our favorite antique store and re-sale clothing store, where I almost wanted to buy this, just to see what it looked like on! And, yes it's pants, if you wondered the same thing as me, to which my mom replied, yes.....seems she had some of those outfits in the 80's!
I did buy some neon pink jelly bracelets and a sequins shirt that you may see in a video soon. I didn't try it on, so not sure if it fits super bad, but it since it was just a few dollars and the sales girls said it was hers and she just sold it to the store and she was about my size- I figured I was good.

We then went to our usual Sunday place to get groceries, Whole Foods- where I stock up on Kale, for my smoothies for the week and a bunch of soups because it sounded good, and some basil so I can make my favorite homemade pesto sauce!

And that was our Sunday....what did you do?

huge hugs and look for the happy in your day, your kandee

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Secret Powers Of Babies

Babies are cute. People usually like puppies, kittens, babies. Anything little and cute, people, usually love!

Now here is the secret power of babies~

Babies can make anyone smile (almost).
Babies can make people that otherwise wouldn't speak to you, not only say hi, but say it in a baby voice!

My example:
we were walking down the street, and some very chic girls wearing big sunglasses were walking a dog- they were not looking friendly at all- until they saw the baby- then they started smiling, waving, and saying hi in baby voices!
another time we were eating at a place with lots of "uber" cool looking people and rockstar kind of guys- all too buys to even look at anyone else- until they saw the baby- they start waving, making silly sounds and so on.
even on the plane, we had a very grumpy airline attendant, who was not very nice, until he saw the baby, then he was way nicer to us.
And last but not least, when we were at the Golen Globe weekend events, the celebrity people are usually not that friendly most times, but everyone would wave at her, talk to her, and as usual talk in a high pitched, "baby friendly" voice!

The conclusion- the world will open up their loving, caring gentle, and maybe even innocent side, when they see the loving, innocent, and happy smile of a baby.

I wish we all would still be kind and smile at each other like we were all babies...after, all...we all were babies at one point- and we still all need to be loved and smiled at too!

Just imagine everyone is a baby and maybe it will be easier to smile and say hi! Because on the inside they still want to be loved, no matter how old they've gotten!

big baby hugs and smiles, your kandee

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Night At The Urgent Care: FUN

 Yesterday, my ear started hurting...
I tried a few remedy tricks and nothing was helping...
Then the pain started getting really, extra, bad.
Then I couldn't really hear out of my ear.
Then it kept getting worse...
and even though I do not like going to hospitals...
I said, I think I've gotta go to the Urgent Care...
so off we went....
And since we have to fly today I was worried about my eardrum exploding in the altitude pressure!
-and we waited in this room-
After all the looking, the doctor saw some blood in my middle ear, he said it looked like ear damage, but I have no clue how that would happen- I didn't stick anything in my ear!

I still can't hear out of my hear.
There is a really annoying echo in my ear.
I have ear drops- which I totally can't stand things in my ear, it feels like water is in my ear- yuck!
But, it doesn't feel like a knife is stabbing the side of my head anymore- I'll take a weird echo over stabbing pain any day! ha ha ha

And we made friends in the waiting room, and were all laughing...and after all, laughing is the best medicine!

If you don't make someone laugh, at least smile at them to make them smile!
"Smile and the whole world might smile with you!"
huge hugs from me and my echoey ear , kandee

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beach Baby & A Surfers

It's so fun to feel the sand under your feet....or in your hands!
This was Elyse making a "sand castle"...well, actually she just liked grabbing handfuls then looking at it in her hands...
the best part is she didn't even try to eat it...she just admired it, then put her little handful back on the beach. Her outfit is a Hello Kitty onesie from Old Navy...and her polka dot leggings are from a Disney outfit, that I can't remember where we got it, maybe Ross or Marshall's...but the top has a big scratchy bow, so we never wear it. We no likey, the scratchy clothes.

And this was a cool sequence of pictures...I didn't even notice until I uploaded them, that I got this surfer dude, walking out of the water. He even stopped to wave and say hi to the baby..he couldn't believe she wasn't trying to eat the sand either! He said, "whoa, I've never seen a baby just playing like that and not putting handfuls of sand in their mouth!"

PS. Redonkulously nice weather in Southern California...it feels like summer in January. People in bikinis on the beach, but I'll still wear my clothes.
Today, made me really missed living near at the beach.

And we had a thorough sand removal and hand washing after we spent our few minutes on the beach!

handfuls of sand and may the thought of the smell of suntan lotion make your day feel more relaxing, ahh let's imagine we are all on the beach at one big party- fun-tastic! ...your kandee


Thursday, January 26, 2012

lil' happy faces...

I just love this little face and it just melts my heart....
and I just wanted to share this cutesy pie picture, so that maybe it will bring a smile to your day too!

"smiles and joy are what this world is lacking, and what the world needs so much"....
(this face just makes me laugh!)
Whether you're at school, work, shopping, traveling, or anywhere...shine some smiles where ever you go and watch how it brightens your day and the days of everyone you smiles at...

huge hugs and smiles, your kandee

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pretty In Punk

we're (and by we I mean, she)...1, we're fun and wer're not quite ready to run...but we can crawl like nobody's business and we take a step every once in a while...

 I heart this outfit...it's like the 80's and rock n' roll, skater punk style from years ago...and ofcourse it's from the Mini Harajuku stuff from Target...I La-La-Love everything from that line...I love Gwen Stefani, so ofcourse I'd love her kids clothes!
 all we're missing is the little "punk" motorcycle jacket! ha ha ha
huge love and 1 year old hugs, kandee

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cupcake's 1st Birthday Party

Get ready for our "CUPCAKE's Cupcake 1st Birthday Party"! The funny part is we didn't even have cupcakes to eat...we ordered an ice cream cake!

 Cupcake hats from Target....and I just put some cupcake sticker on them to add some festive-ness!
 Ice cream cone bubbles....we love bubbles. We love bubbles that look like ice cream cones even more.
 I am kinda in love with the "old timey-ness" of these "candy" striped paper straws! I ordered them from: www.sweetsandtreatsboutique.com, they come in every color and polka dots!
 Look at how stinkin cute these paper straws are! The lime green are my favorite! I can think of so many fun craft projects to use these babies!
 I put the straws in my antique trophy cup, and random glasses and mugs. I sprinkled the bubble ice creams cones everywhere too! And I brought out my glass candy jars filled with tulle, to look like cotton candy filled jars. I used my cake stands to add some fun varying heights. (*I still need to edit my "how to make cakestands" video too)
 Cupcake straws....need I say anything else. Well, except that I got them at Target too!
 You can see how the whole "party table" looked! How cute is the little cupcake and polka dot fabric flag banner- and if you guessed I got them at Target again, you'd be right!

 At moments like this, I am reminded just how that buttery yellow, was the happiest color I could have spray painted my chairs!
 Can you see our giant cupcake pinata peeking out from the background?
 and yes, we had to get the cupcake plates too!
 ice cream cones, cupcakes, and pink-a-dots...oh my!

 And Alani helped pick out the cake for little Elyse...she also requested to have the cake decoration, blocks and balloons too!

I woke up extra early on Sunday to decorate....and even though some of our little family wasn't feeling well, and birthday girl teething were giving her some "not-so-happy-ness"...which made us shrink our plans from , "big invite everyone"....to "just a little family party"...we had a great time.
 Grampa, AKA my dad, helping her test out her new "push toy"....
 In her party dress. (It's another Mini Harajuku dress from, where else, but Target! ha ha ha...)
And my precious little 1 year old...oh that sounds so big now!

huge hugs, party hats and fun straws.... your kandee and her 1 year old!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

 We have our "Cupcake 1st Birthday" outfit on....
and it is officially Elyse's (AKA Cupcake) first birthday today!

I can't believe this picture was taken exactly a year ago today! I know, everyone say it: but this year has gone by the fastest of them all, it feels!
 And here was me, just a few hours after she was born.....
Oh what a blessing of joy, happiness and love she has been, every single minute of this 1st year she's been here....

Pictures of 1st Birthday Party-ness (and maybe even a video, will be up soon!)...all I can say is it going to be quite "cupcake-tastic"!

Off to celebrate the day!!! huge 1st birthday hugs....kandee

PS, if anyone wanted to know where her little 1st birthday outfit came from, it's by MUDPIE- the cupcake outfit! All their stuff is so adorable!!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cold Days, Hot Chocolate and Gift Shopping!

Nothing says warm and cozy, like mugs of hot chocolate inside, when it's cold outside!
Blakey's smaller mug on the right got a little "splattery", when Alani tried putting the whipped cream in, her self....it kinda sprayed hot chocolate everywhere! ha ha ha
And you can see out "valentine's day" heart decorations in the windows- in the background....
I still think my house looks so "plain", after I took down my Christmas decorations.
 mugs of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, your kandee

PS...we're so excited lil' Cupcake will be, officially, 1 year old tomorrow!!! We went to Babies R Us today and the kids, each picked out a present to give to the baby- they even both picked out the gift bag and cards themselves! So adorable!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Were Getting Ready For Party Time!!!

It's almost time to celebrate little Elyse's (AKA Cupcake) first birthday!!!
We went to Baskin-Robbins to order her ice cream cake today this afternoon...
and we had to get scoops of ice cream while we were there too....
and in Blake and Alani's case....we had to order a second round because they both picked Rainbow Sherbet, but realized after a few licks/bites later...it was "too tart"....
so we had a second round of ice cream selection.

Good thing we didn't pick Rainbow Sherbet for the ice cream cake!

It's countdown to first birthday time! We're so excited!!!

I cannot believe it's  been a year....I'll probably keep saying that for the next year too!

hugs and getting ready for party time.....your kandee and her almost-one-year-old, Ellie Bellie

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ever Feel Like You Have A Monkey On Your Back?

I laughed so hard when I saw this! Alani put the baby's monkey (that has velcro hands) on her back!
The baby loved it and thought it was so funny.  She just kept crawling around Alani's room like nothing was velcro-ed around her! ha ha ha

this is the kind of fun we have in the mornings...
striped jammies and velcro monkeys, your kandee



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