Monday, January 30, 2012

How Do You Spend Your Sunday? (this is what we do

 First we went to church.
Then we went to lunch- which is where we took these pictures.
We are amazed at something on our fingers....
 and make this serious face....
We ate lots of Butternut Squash.

Then we went to our favorite antique store and re-sale clothing store, where I almost wanted to buy this, just to see what it looked like on! And, yes it's pants, if you wondered the same thing as me, to which my mom replied, yes.....seems she had some of those outfits in the 80's!
I did buy some neon pink jelly bracelets and a sequins shirt that you may see in a video soon. I didn't try it on, so not sure if it fits super bad, but it since it was just a few dollars and the sales girls said it was hers and she just sold it to the store and she was about my size- I figured I was good.

We then went to our usual Sunday place to get groceries, Whole Foods- where I stock up on Kale, for my smoothies for the week and a bunch of soups because it sounded good, and some basil so I can make my favorite homemade pesto sauce!

And that was our Sunday....what did you do?

huge hugs and look for the happy in your day, your kandee


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