Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Secret Powers Of Babies

Babies are cute. People usually like puppies, kittens, babies. Anything little and cute, people, usually love!

Now here is the secret power of babies~

Babies can make anyone smile (almost).
Babies can make people that otherwise wouldn't speak to you, not only say hi, but say it in a baby voice!

My example:
we were walking down the street, and some very chic girls wearing big sunglasses were walking a dog- they were not looking friendly at all- until they saw the baby- then they started smiling, waving, and saying hi in baby voices!
another time we were eating at a place with lots of "uber" cool looking people and rockstar kind of guys- all too buys to even look at anyone else- until they saw the baby- they start waving, making silly sounds and so on.
even on the plane, we had a very grumpy airline attendant, who was not very nice, until he saw the baby, then he was way nicer to us.
And last but not least, when we were at the Golen Globe weekend events, the celebrity people are usually not that friendly most times, but everyone would wave at her, talk to her, and as usual talk in a high pitched, "baby friendly" voice!

The conclusion- the world will open up their loving, caring gentle, and maybe even innocent side, when they see the loving, innocent, and happy smile of a baby.

I wish we all would still be kind and smile at each other like we were all babies...after, all...we all were babies at one point- and we still all need to be loved and smiled at too!

Just imagine everyone is a baby and maybe it will be easier to smile and say hi! Because on the inside they still want to be loved, no matter how old they've gotten!

big baby hugs and smiles, your kandee


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