Thursday, January 19, 2012

MY Knight in Shining Armor and Super Hero....

 This is the only Knight in Shining armor I'll ever need....
And I like that not only does he have his armor on...but underneath, he has a super hero costume. Knight in Shining Armor + Super Hero = You don't need anything else!
and for the NYC part of the trip- Princess Alani said we were all invited to a trip to NYC on the train! The train was our hot pink couch, well the whole room really, well the whole room was our "private train car". We dined on mini plastic sandwiches and plastic cookies. It was delicious and we had so much fun on our "trip".  It's always fun to travel to places without leaving your living room.

superhero's and shining armor, your kandee

"If your day feel tougher than you like, remember you are tougher than all the troubles that come your way- smile and say we can do this....I've got great things waiting in this life!"



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