Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cotton Candy Sheets & Pink Bedtime

 Fresh from bathtime...
in our Pink Striped jammies (Under the Nile Organic Striped jammies) that we got at Whole Foods...super soft cotton and cuddly- like every bedtime thing should be.
 One of our (and by "our" I mean, her) favorite things to play with is any remote control...
 I was putting clean sheets on my bed, after putting clean clothes on my clean baby...we had a clean theme going on.
One of my favorite "personal likes" is the smell of clean sheets- fresh and yummy smelling...and that is right when it hit me, that I wished they made COTTON CANDY scented fabric softener... I would love to go to bed dreaming I was sleeping on a big cotton candy puff. Wouldn't you!?
My baby smelled like Cake Batter...I'll blog later about her yummy shampoo....can you tell I  love everything that truly smells like it was made in Candyland. My house is a virtual "sweet scented" haven of yumminess everywhere you look! ha ha ha

Pink Cotton Candy dreams when ever your head floats gently on your pillow...and may someone, somewhere see this and make a cotton candy scented fabric softener...ha ha ha

pinkyness and hugs, your kandee

PS. My mom used to say this to me at night when I was little:
"I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me."...nothing helps you sleep when you're litte (or big), as being tucked in bed with love and a kiss!


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