Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kids and Celebrities...

 This was me make-up or hair done....heading to the HBO Luxury Lounge where the fabulously decorated L'Oreal Beauty Suite was waiting to do my hair and make-up...but walking ain there with no make-up and my hair all crazy felt a little funny! ha ha ha ha Especially when there were celebrities all around....
Many stars came with their kids, or their were kids from tv shows, like Modern Family and so many others but I don't watch too much tv, so I didn't recognize them.

Tina Fey came in with her daughter to get mani/pedi's..and someone had taken a picture of her and her daughter getting pedicures or something, and a person came to delete that picture from the photographers camera, ASAP.

Andie MacDowel came with her beautiful daughter. They are both having Johnny Lavoy, the L'Oreal hair expert and celebrity hairstylist doing their hair today.

It was so cute to see the celebs with their kids, just like normal parents with their kids, tkaing pictures of them in the fun gold chairs....Anne Heche taking pictures of her little one like any other proud mama! It was so cute!

And for some reason...having a baby is like having a puppy, people talk and wave to the baby, and even baby talk to the baby. They don't do that when it's just you, or even with bigger kids, there's something about babies that speaks to people's hearts.

My favorite was David Tutera, who is a famous celebrity wedding and event designer, who has the show My Fair Wedding on the WE, which I love. He does amazing weddings for people who have been through so much, or don't have any money to do a wedding- and he creates the most AMAZING wedding! Well, he is just as sweet as on the show...he waved at baby and said some cute and nice things to her! I love him even more now! ha ha ha

huge hugs and love...and I typing this with crazy morning hair and no make-up, ofcourse... your kandee


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