Saturday, January 7, 2012

One of those days and a Weekend To-Do List

somedays..and everyone gets them...
when someone asks, "how was your day?"
and you just want to say, "oh, it's been one of those days"...

But the one thing, or actually 4 things, that I know will always make me smile and bring laughter and joy to my heart...are named, Jordan, Alani, Blake, and Elyse...

Blakey came out in a couple different costumes which always makes me smile...
And Elyse thought his costumes, especially the mask, were hilarious....

One of my favorite parts of today, was when I was filming a video- the baby was taking a nap, and Blakey wanted to come sit with me while I filmed, well he sat in the baby's Nap Nanny, and fell asleep as soon as I turned to tell him, mama was going to start, he was fast asleep, in like 1 minute! He slept the whole time while I filmed..ha ha ha ha

And when Alani kept coming out of my closet with a new outfit on singing a song she made up that when: "(something, something...I can't remember what she said) FASHION GIRL".

And yes, as you can see my Christmas tree is still up- and as much as I want to leave all my decoration up, ALL year....we started taking them down tonight. Goodnight moon, goodnight tree, good night garlands everywhere....

What I hope to do this weekend - we'll see.
*Pack away all the Christmas decorations- red and green plastic tubs are already waiting in my living room.
*Finish editing a tutorial.
*Get excited about decorating for Valentine's Day!
*Laundry....lots of laundry.
*Maybe take the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.
*Try to work mom is letting me borrow her Brazilian Butt Lift dvd- we'll see what happens- I have only been able to do 5-10 minute workout sessions which mostly consist of squats while I hold the baby, calf raises while I hold the baby, crunches while the baby sits on my stomach, and push-up next to the baby, because it makes her laugh.
*Oh, and go grocery shopping.
*I have way more things to do ofcourse, but that's just a few things I'm aiming for!

huge hugs from me and my Christmas decorations....your kandee



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