Sunday, October 31, 2010

Posher than a Spice Girl

(yes...Posh is fancy and stylish and so are these things I've found!)

My mom and sister always joke that I should've been born in the depression, because I think like someone who needs to save everything because I always think I'm going to be broke. I've gone years without having money to buy any new clothes for myself, which forced me to be more creative and make things out of my old clothes, so they looked new.
One time I had these old boots...that were not in style anymore, so I carefully taped the soles and spray painted them silver, and I got tons of compliments on my "new-old" boots...the heels had worn away so much that the nail was coming through and so many times I almost slipped and fell, til O tried to repair the heels myself! ha ha ha

And considering my first diaper bag was just  a Jansport Backpack...I am amazed at how diaper bags are cuter and more expensive than most purses!

They're are always things I dream-wish I could buy, and especially since I get to hunt for baby things, there are tons of things I think would be so fun to have:

These are on my baby dream-wish-list:
A Leopard Print Little Giraffe Blanket
(how cute and posh-spice is this!?!?) You probably know by now that I love leopard print...and I got a Little Giraffe blanket as a gift when I had Alani was a baby....oh my was one of the softest things I've ever felt! I wanted one my size too! ha ha ha
Heelarious Shoes
Okay, these are just plain (as their name says....HEEL-ARIOUS!)
Fake, "stuffed" heels for lil ladies! ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Quinny Stroller
I love this stroller! They don't even have these at all the Babies R' Us stores....I only saw it at the Babies R' Us in New York City! And let me tell you...after being surrounded my strollers for the past 13 almost 14 years (with all my babies)..this is the most padded, softest stroller I've ever felt! It made me want to have a huge me-size one to sit in!
It comes with the little bassinet that they call a "Dreami Carrycot"...again, I kinda wish I had one in my size! ha ha ha

I was doing a quick spin on the web looking at diaper bags....and sort of had a heart attack at some of the prices! I don't even have a purse that is half as expensive as some of the diaper bags I saw!
So I found the most expensive one to show you..ha ha ha ha
 But I think this one deserves a "cupcake mention"because not only is the line called "CAKE" (It's from Petunia Picklebottom - another name I think is great!), but the style is called:
Red Velvet Cake Society Special
(doesn't just the name make you hungry!?!)
look how cute the turquoise one is!
are you ready for the price!?! This is one large slice of cake price: $325 for this bag!!!
It'd say this gets 2 Posh Victoria Beckham thumbs up, for highest priced diaper bag I've found! ha ha
And to let you know...I think it should come with at least 2, $100 bills inside! ha ha ha ha

Okay, so that's it for our trip to "champagne wishes and caviar dream" baby goodies! ha ha ha

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pregnant Flapper!

I tried so hard to get my fringey flapper dress to go down.....but my belly didn't want be a flapper! ha ha ha ha ha

I seriously think my belly is growing bigger by the day!

I worekd to finish up all the details for my Toronoto between taking people to go pee and poop....make snacks and meals....try to clean up, talk to my great-grammy for a long time....
try to edit my website, I did have lots of fun researching "flapper" make-up and hair and styles all day....and I even listened to 20's music to get me in the mood.

Yes, it was one of those days where I pretty much wore my jammies all day. But upon Alani's request...we made a trip to the dollar store...and yay....I got to get out of the house!

On our Dollar Store Shopping list:
fabric softener sheets
a Strawberry Shortcake wipe-off door hanger for Lanzi
a set of cars for Blakey
and Alani also got a Valentine's Day heart shaped gotta love the Dollar Store for having things that are wayyyyyyyyy out of season! ha ha ha ha

And for fun, we went through the drive through at 31 Flavors to get ice cream!!!! They were out of the first 4 flavors we asked for....Icing on the Cake, America's Birthday Cake, Pink Bubble Gum...and one more I can't remember!

If no one knows....we have been living with my great-great gramma for some months now....and right now she has her tv on in her room sooooooo loud, it sounds like it's in the kitchen! Which is where I work.....I sit at the kitchen table from 7:30 this morning...until now, it's 9:30 at night..excpet for our "vacation" to the Dollar Tree Store! ha ha ha ha

I am so tired....I think we will all retire...and watch "Around the World in 80 Days"'s one of my fav movies...not the old one, but the one with Jackie Chan! It's hilarious! ha ha ha ha ha

sweet dreams of traveling around the world....
I really want to be one of those old people, that get to travel all around when they are old! ha ha ha
love you all.......kandee

don't let the storms of your past, cloud your future!! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good thing Cinderella's Dress stretches!

I had to take a picture with me in my Cinderella dress...because it was just hilarious to see a "pregnant princess"!!! (click here to see the Cinderella Tutorial, if you want)

And just to prove that there is  NO REST FOR MOM'S:
yesterday after I had been awake for over 26 hours...
Flying from London to LA took almost 11 hours...
 waiting in LAX for 5 hours for my last flight home...
 and an hour flight home and an hour drive from there
pick up my babies....
after being awake over 26 hours with only 4 hours sleep the night before...
(my handsome Bobby, was waiting for me at the airport with roses!)
..went straight from the airport to pick up my precious little ones! yay!
when I got home with the babies and had given them all their surprises...
I had to stay awake long enough to give them baths...tuck everyone in bed.

I only slept 4 hours last night...I don't know why I couldn't sleep! I tried so hard to sleep in, but I just couldn't!

We woke up...
me and Alani made Croissants with butter, had salted almonds and vanilla yogurt for breakfast.
Drove everyone to school.
Attempted 4 times to upload Cinderella video to youtube, did laundry (Blakey helped me throw things in the washing machine!), tried to work on Toronto Glaminar stuff, edit the next video I'm doing...tried not to think about my burning eyeballs...made dinner:
Steamed Brocolli
Green Chili and Cheese Puff Pastries
and Steak...
and now I'm exhausted beyond belief that I'm still awake! ha ha ha ha ha

I'm gonna go try to sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzz...just kidding, I'm not alseep yet....
xoxo kandee

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye London...hello rapidly growing belly!

I'm not sure how it seems that my lil' cupcake has doubled in belly-size....maybe she grew in all the amazing London air I've been breathing in! I feel like I've gotten so much huger in just the last week!
And as graceful as I try to walk, I feel like I have a bit of a waddle! ha ha ha

I especially love how the toilet seems to have this beautiful spotlight on it! ha ha ha
I took this picture for Alani...she love Strawberry Shortcake....this was in a display case inside Harrod's...I miss my babies sooooo much and I can't wait to see them tomorrow!!!! I've seen so many things that I know they would just love. I thought about how much fun they would have seeing all these amazing things! I can't wait to hold them in my arms. I was looking at pictures of them today....and my arms just ached to hold them.
I will miss being in London so much.....but I can't wait to hold all my precious ones in my arms!
Me and my littlest one....(my lil cupcake)....are going to try to get comfy to sleep.....I have to strategically place pillows to support by tummy, legs, back....and try to sleep....I've been yawning for hours so I think it should be ok for sleeping! ha ha ha
sweet dreams from me, from London.....last night to give a sweet dreams from London!
dream of adventures.....your kandee

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bellies in London

Ahhhh look at me belly! I feel like a jolly old man, with a big round belly of cheer!
This is inside my beautifully lit bathroom in our little hotel room in London. After a yummy dinner of Lasagna and 2 chocolate Lindt Truffles!
Things I know about London:
People are so kind and nice to pregnant ladies!
Everytime I was on the tube (the subway)....some gentleman immediately offered me their seat!
And if the there wasn't a seat, they would make sure that they would ask someone to get up so that I could sit! Isn't that lovely of them?! And boy did I feel like I needed it...I can't believe how nice they are.
One of the guys that helped me get a seat told me that the outer seats are received  for pregnant ladies, older people, and handicapped people...and that is was for me to sit there! ha ha ha

I even had a guy come up as we walked to dinner and ask, "are you pregnant?'...I said yes with a smile, and he said, "oh, you should be at home in bed at this time!" ha ha ha ha...he then told me he just had a little girl named Talulah. And he helped us find a good area to eat....he and his friend waved us a good-night....and waved and blew kisses at my belly saying, "good bye baby!"...they were hilarious!

It is time for me and my round, cheery belly to cozy up in our pillows and have a good sleep!
cheerio from London.....
I love that there is a little area with steps and a railing up to the windows that are shaped in such unique shapes...with a little red chair and table to read, in this room, it reminds me on the bedroom in Peter Pan!
dream of wonderful kandee and her jolly belly

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love it all!!!!

me (before in LA) with my baking-cupcake-baby...and our I heart LA bumper sticker....
But I think that me and cupcake love London, just a bit more! hee hee hee hee

Even though I've been is simply amazing being here in London! I feel like I am walking on the set of a movie everywhere I go. And I wish that I had a British accent. I was telling one of the girls at the Glaminar how I think British accents sound "smarter"...and she said, "nooooooo, I think they are a bit snobby sounding, American accents are so cool!"....I never thought I sounded cool before!

There were 2 girls from America at the Glaminar was so funny to hear them speaking with our "American Accents" too! They thought the same thing as me, that British accents sound much more intelligent! ha ha ha

I am so excited because, Rachel, one of the precious girls who helped yesterday, is going to take us to a part of England that looks like the scenery from Pride & Prejudice (one of my favorite movies!!!!).....
keep a look out for posts about my adventure!!!

I was given so many gift for my kids and the baby yesterday! I can't wait to give them everything!

huge love from me and London....xoxo kandee

PS If you want to read about the London Glaminar click here:

cheerio from London.....xoxoxo kandee

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby on Board!

It is so funny because I remember the first time I flew to London...I was pregnant with my Lanzi.....and now I am pregnant again..AND coming to LONDON!

I ordered the asparagus tart...which was like the size of a piece of bread and didn't come with anything...then I looked at the girl across the way who had a big pile of mashed potatoes, lima bean (mmm not sure how good they looked or tasted)....and some fancy "short rib" meat things with a yummy looking sauce.....
after I ate my tart-snack....
and my mom telling me to ask the stewardess for more food because I'm pregnant (ha ha ha)....I did, he brought me the "meat meal"...which I devoured....and proceeded to even  attempt to eat the raspberry tart dessert..except it wasn't that good...
My new name is Kandee-the-refrigerator....ha ha ha ha

When you are pregnant you build a great relationship with the bathroom, because you have to pee all the time. I lost track of how many pee- trips I made to the bathroom. But they did have really nice scented lotion in the bathroom!

SLEEPING on planes:
I can't really do it. Even though when I returned from my bathroom break and the whole plane was dark and fast little light was on and I was the only one awake.

SLEEPLESS in Seattle (no in LONDON):
so..I've been awake well over 24 hours....I am about to eat again....I am waiting for my mom to get back to the hotel room....sleep and then so excited for our LONDON GLAMINAR!

I miss my babies, and it feels like I just saw them in a I was finishing up packing with their little faces on the couch...I just see things the whole time and think they would love it! I saved them all my chocolates I got on the plane!

off to eat again, and probably pee 5 more times through dinner, ha ha ha ha ha....
huge love....your kandee

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pregnant Costume Lady and a Busy Day!

Yes...this was pregnant! I am part Native American and I'm glad Disney has the Pocahontas story, so that like me when I was little and didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair...that there is a dark, dark eyed heroine too!
I had finished this look and realized that since it was Parent Teacher Conference day at Jordan's school, I wouldn't have time to take a shower and wash all my make-up a slightly, make-up removed Pocahontas (minus the necklace and earring went to school!)...headed off to Jordan's school!
this is how big baby is now....I'm 27 weeks and 5 I'm 6 1/2 months along pretty much! Baby can blink and open and close her eyes now! And she moves a lot! She's kickling right now as I type!
after our appointment at the midwife...we went to Whole Foods to get some dinner, vitamins...and we all needed some water! My little love to run through the giant Elephants out front!
then we saw my favorite...the fairytale pumkpins......I love these!
Lanzi and her big bottle of water!
a blurry vision of my shopping cart...and a peek of the little dinner snack....mac n' cheese and our favorite hard boiled eggs!....

I got home...still need to wash all this Pocahontas makeup off...take a shower, pack my bags for the London Glaminar, since we are leaving in the morning...
I need to re-pack my make-up kit still, get everyone in jammies and read stories...
try to edit the Pocahontas video...and hopefully get some sleep.....
stayed tuned for the adventures to London! I'm so excited! I hope the plane ride isn't too rough, sitting that long...with my injured tailbone! ha ha ha ha


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Hair Make-Over!

I got this awesome hair make-over courtesy of Alani...she did this beautiful clip design in my hair while I typed my kandeej blog...and Blaker did my make-up....he applied 2 different shades of long-lasting color to my lips......I didn't even see what "long-lasting colors" they were! ha ha ha ha

BUT MY FAVORITE is the hair make-over my mom got! She declined to have her picture taken for fear I would blog about it! ha ha ha ha....I told her that her lack of make-up would be totally overshadowed by her awesome hair....but alas....this was the photo I was allowed to take was this! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Jordan...with an after school treat....I had my favorite, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate...Blaker had a hot chocolate, and we hadn't picked up Alani yet! they were out of our favorite Petite Vanilla Scones! awww man!

here's my little man and his studded belt! Who's is still going by the name of "Evil Knievel" and asked if we could go to the store to buy "bubble dum"!

I hadn't gone to my PO BOX in a while! All these goody boxes were waiting for me! It was like Christmas!!!!!

My  muscle-man carrying all our post office treasures inside! He has crazy balancing skills! He is such a sweetheart...he asked how my back was feeling and said to tell him if I needed him to help with anything. He is such a sweetheart! I love him sooo much!

Me and Blaker got to go to Jordan's school today...where Blaker said, "me too little to go in here!" ha ha I held him so he felt bigger!

Off to get all our bags packed for the LONDON glaminar...I can't believe we'll be in LONDON this weekend...! I've been so crazy busy, it hasn't really sunk in!

huge love and make-overs by 5 year old stylists....your kandee

Monday, October 18, 2010

whoa belly...

(i like how I was in the middle of sayin "oooooooh belly"...but it just looks like I'm making the Zoolander "Blue Steel" face! ha ha ha)
My lil "cupcake" really popped out this week! My midwife warned me that my belly would really get big this week, and boy she was right! OH: Bonus TIP: if you are pregnant...your belly may feel itchy...this is is probably due to all that skin being stretched out....I'm practically living in my Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark "amazing cream"....with this being "baby belly #4", that has been stretched out to grow my new little angel, I know the belly routine! ha ha ha

My favorite part of being pregnant is knowing that I'm growing a little person, feeling her kick and the fashion show I worked at, one of the models said, "babies are just parasites stealing nutrients from the mom". HOW SAD!!!! It's not like that at all.....I am a mama, like a flower garden, I am givign my little "flower" everything it needs to blossom into a beautiful flower. How sad for someone to think of a baby as a parasite, instead of a gift that your honored to be blessed with taking care of ...and I love letting my baby grow inside me! And then to be honored enough to nurse my babies, each one I nursed for over a year...and I loved not carrying around formula and bottles and water to mix...just pop out a boob and instant "best food in the world"! ha ha ha
 My Blaker...playing with his Cars....he loves them and the movie "Cars", which we watch a lot! ha ha ha (It is on in the background right now as I type this! ha ha ha) And I got him studded little belt that he absolutely loves...he asked me for a wallet and a belt! ha ha ha
my princess Alani...playing with her new Hello Kitty diary set...before school...and still in her Tinkerbell jammies!

I brought home cupcakes from CRUMBS in Beverly Hills...they are way better than Sprinkled Cupcakes! Oh my cupcakes! I even carried them on the plane with me to keep them safe! ha ha ha
 There is nothing more amazing than to be with my lil angels. Even Jordan liked the golden belt I got for him at the Melrose Trading Post. They have the best deals there: 3 belts- one little studded one for Blaker, a little bigger studded one for Lanzi and I got a gold leather one for Jordan...all 3 for $10!!!
I love that place!

Off to email the rest of the details for the LONDON glaminar this weekend!
cupcakes and studded kandee

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cankles, Cheesecake & Cuts

This morning: me getting girls ready for Rachel Roy Fashion show (CLICK TO SEE BEHIND THE SCENES:

After making all the models beauty-full...
I scurried along with my huge cankle (ankle-that-is-huge-like -your-calf)...because of all the swelling...from being pregnant and from my leg injury that still hasn't fully healed....
the funniest part is that when I booked my hotel room for this job...I just went to and named "my hotel price"...well what it gave me for my cheapo the same exact hotel where I almost got my lef chopped off! Except this time I am not going anywhere NEAR that window....!
IF YOU WANT YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW, if it's too gross, believe me I understand it was my leg that looked like that!

after a long day and swollen ankles....I enjoyed the company of my friend Bethanie and our other friend, Justin Sullivan who is a great photographer that got some amazing pictures of Bethanie...we walked to an incredible Italian place in downtown LA for dinner: I had homemade pasta that was sooooooo good. And after hering they had sold out of their "special cheesecake"...we walked back and as they went on to party the night away in and my huge ankle headed back to the hotel to blog, rest and order this:
I remember how much I loved the cheesecake here from when I hurt my leg! So I ordered it again! I love room service trays, they are so fancy.....
now that I've kept my eyes open long enough to type this.....I can rest them too!
huge love.....kandee and her cankle

Friday, October 15, 2010

me and my babies makin' videos...

this was me and baby belly after we made a video...I love how the costume I had on wouldn't go over my belly! ha ha ha ha

Me and all my precious little ones had so much fun playing on all my lil Blaker sat in the bathroom while I made the videos...he laughed so hard when I'd put the wigs on!

They thought the one "surprise" video that I am still trying to edit was GRRREAT....Alani loved it! Wait til you see! you can click on my: to see the sneak peek!

I love my babies more than anything....I wouldn't trade anything...and exciting night out...some big fancy celebrity jammed party...nothing...means more to my heart and brings me more joy than to just spend the day or evening cuddling with my babies, maybe eating ice cream...and listening to their laughter!

There is no place like home...and no place like being with the little hearts that you love more than anything...and they love you more than anything in return.....

I love making videos...while my Blaker sits on the floor eating his banana, just watching me smiling!

my kids me more to me than I could ever say, and everytime I am pregnant, I think, "how will I love this one as much as the ones I have?".....and then you're heart just grows even bigger, with even more love for this new little love in your life!

big belly and lots of super hungry...your kandee

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How I roll....

the fastest way to travel....fall and hurt yourself in the airport...sure you may have to spend a day at the hospital, get hurt...but when you do have to go back to the airport to go get a speedy ride in a wheelchair! ha ha ha

Don't you love the look of "pain" on my face? ha ha ha I thought I was smiling real nice, but as you can see, this is not a very good smile! ha ha ha

after 2 flights...of about 3 hours each...the last one felt like 5 hours though...ha ha matter how many blankets (apparently to keep costs down they don't offer pillows anymore) I tried to place around was not really any kind of "comfortable" ....

the highlight of my day was hearing the little voices of my babies yelling...."mommeeeeeeeeeeee!" and holding my little treasures in my arms!
And although tears were rolling down my face before they got there....that this was not how I planned my life to be...being divorced...having to exchange one I've ever met has a "perfect life"...even ones that seem to have a perfect life, underneath the outside appearance, have a far from perfect life.

I listened to my ex-husband talk about all the things they did, the funny stuff they said...and after they had showed me everything at daddy's house...we headed home...since I had been awake since about 2am west coast time...we went home:
-I gave them the surprises I got for them- which they loved and slept with
-even Jordan loved the airbrushed shirt I got him so much he wore it to school today!
 -had some food
-got jammies on
-I gave them the surprises I got for them- which they loved and slept with
-even Jordan loved the airbrushed shirt I got him so much he wore it to school today!
-and we all fell fast asleep....

We woke up cuddled...had our fav first thing in the morning snack- bananas!
Got our day going...mama is working from the couch today...trying to rest my ankle...the one that got hurt with the window accident got really swollen. So we're trying to rest-work today!

love and huge ankles....kandee

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"You bruised your WHAT!?!"

Waiting between flights...left Miami airport (home of the wet-floors-with-no-signs-about-the-floors-being-wet-so-pregnant-ladies-like-me-slip-and-fall)ha ha ha
Hospital check...gave me the GO to fly of the employees from American Airlines, who had nothing to do with the wet floor in the airport...was so nice that he moved us up to Business Class so that I could be more comfortable with my "bruised coccyx" AKA tailbone...

I've never flown anything other than coach, where you just get a seat and maybe a pack of nuts tossed at you...ha ha ha ha...this business class was awesome...
Big ol seats, hot towels, a real glass and silverware...and food! Really good food...even a hot biscuit! I felt so  "foncy" as my sister says, not f-A-ncy but FON-cy! Say it, it's much more fun! ha ha ha

(in above picture you will see how I'm using my neck pillow as a desk!)...


Yes, I was born a hard family taught me that hard work pays off. Laziness is for the sluggard who wants but isn't willing to work for anything. I've been working or having little businesses since I was 5. 

When I was 8 months pregnant with my lil Lanzi...I worked hiking up and down snow covered mountains (I grew up in the snow, so I had know how to hike around in it! And I had a really good pari of snowboots!) doing make-up on a tv show..not once complaining about being pregnant, no one even knew I was pregnant until about day 5 when we were forced to go inside and I finally took off my huge parka! ha ha ha

With my Blaker, I was even in such good shape...I even kept up my work out routine, per my doctor's orders, right up until he was born...that going into labor was a piece of cake because I had been so active.

Mama's are some of the hardest working people in the world...when man gets to come home and rest from a hard days work...Mama's never work, then you never get nights to have babies to wash, feed, read stories to, take care of when they're up all night sick...

I am a mama. I am a business woman. I am a hard worker. Laziness is not an option for me, ha ha ha!

I am very much looking forward to slowing everything down soon. I feel like I am a little squirrel storing up nuts for the winter...ha ha ha ha....I am storing up all my hard work so I can just rest before baby comes and then take a looooooooooooong break with baby. You never get that time back with them no more Glaminars or traveling or any make-up jobs for a long time after! 

I'm off to go buy yet another water bottle in the airport...
love and big suitcases full of joy.....your kandee

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Kandee in a little bahting suit!

your favorite girl named Kandee...posing with the Key West sign!
ahhh like a vacation for your eyeballs....white sand, palm trees and turquoise water!
yes...that large bellied woman, with the "lovely" scarred leg, and "in-need-of-a-tan" skin, is none other than yours truly again! I am rejoicing in my big bellied-ness and the fact that I kinda don't care what anyone thinks about how pale and large I look! ha ha ha ha I am like a big cruise ship carrying a special VIP little precious girl baby!

wind blown...salty.....and had such a fun day...headed back to the dock! My mom was making me laugh so hard when we were snorkeling that I had to take my mask off because I was laughing so hard. She just popped out of the water, took her snorkel out of her mouth and just said, "cool huh?" and how she said it made me laugh soooooooo hard!
Then cooler than all the 5 fish we saw (ha ha ha ha) everyone else was like, "oh I saw a reef shark. Oh I saw a squid. Oh I saw a swimming unicorn...!"...and I saw, i what they said was the 3rd largest coral reef in the 5 different kinds of fish, that's all! ha ha ha ha...oh yeah the exciting part.....I turned around and heard this guy making weird noises...
I look over and he had thrown up and it was all inside his snorkeling mask and gross!

this was just beautiful! After this we had just enough time to get a real Key Lime Pie from Key West (the southern most part of the US!) was delish! I also got a Key Lime Milkshake and key lime cookies!
And then tried to sleep on the 3 hour ride back to Miami as the bus played Jimmy Buffet music the whole way! ha ha ha ha
this was a great day with my mama...
itsy bitsy teenie weenie red and white striped bikin's.......your kandee

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Mama By the Ocean!

oh my ocean! This was like a little bit of heaven...this was the ocean, the ATLANTIC ocean! 
I grew up near the Pacific Ocean, and I must say, the water here in Miami is much cleaner and warmer!
I just wished I had a bathing suit to stay in the water all day long!

We walked around south beach...saw a topless lady in the water, and lots of thongs! ha ha ha
I felt way over-clothed and very large compared to all the sexy little, tan, people running all around.

I've never seen so many people wearing WHITE pants in my life!
And if they didn't have white pants on, they probably just had on bathing suit bottoms or a very tiny dress! ha ha ha ha
I felt very, very covered up and very very large!

My feet from pregnancy are super swollen and my hands swelled up so big that none of my rings would fit on, or should I say, would come off!

me and my big puffy feet are going to bed.....buenas noches from Mee-ami (miami)..ha ha ha

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting bigger by the day!

here is me and lil' cupcake...she is getting bigger everyday...
my favorite part of being pregnant is feeling little baby move...
Yes I get all out of breathe easily, I feel like a big cow trying to move gracefully...ha ha ha ha
And it's very hard to get comfortable in chairs..ha ha ha
I feel like i need to travel with pillows everywhere.

today was Glaminar day in Miami...which was's just a long day of standing. My back was a little hurty at the end of the day, so was my swollen leg...I am propped up in bed with some pillows...and I am so tired....I fell asleep at my lunch break...which I've never done. But working this late at night on the computer everyday, then getting up before the sun, I guess...finally said, you need to sleep little lady!

After me and my mom were filled with pasta and bread...we walked...I more like waddled....back to our hotel. Washed off my make-up...thought about all the precious girls I met today...I will pray for each of their precious hearts....I talked to my little ones.....and once I'm done blogging on my other blog, I will fall faster than fast asleep I bet! Sweet dreams or happy mornings.....your big round belly, kandee

on this day 2 years ago.....

I found this blog post from my old blog...(I have "hearted" out my little heart's faces, to honor my ex-husband's wish to not show the kids faces)...but this was what I did on this day exactly 2 years ago!

my lil' chef was on "ingredient pouring" duty...i fill... she dumps...and to think i used to buy those boxes of "crocker" imma' put my mix in a box.....
this is my trainer who falls fast asleep-on-the-job as soon as we hit the dirt's crazy bouncy and rocky...and it puts him right to he tried to train me for some crosss-country marathon...he fell asleep and me not wanting to wake him...kept running....and running....and running....i ran for 2 hours...up and down hills...and returned with a face the shade of ripe strawberries...and it stayed that way for about an hour

this photo was taken by my in-house photography and shower to remove dirt and salt trails from my profuse sweating
i found this picture of jordan on a photo shoot and on my run when i process all my thoughts...i thought of how i wanted to live in a big ranch house with a slow moving river wandering through it, like the river i ran by.....and then i thought of this photo shoot in LA and how great it was to have lil J-man there...he sat drawing pictures with one of the designers and enchanting them with his gentle, intelligent he drew them pictures...while I put make-up on models and helped "astro-turf" diving boards around the wonderful that he got to see all these people working creatively and embracing all the uniqueness...they tried hats on him and took this picture with his artwork dangling from his hand...everyone fell in love with him and it was rad to look over and know that all these "artists" were encouraging the artist within him as I painted up some faces....when we had to change locations or something....we rode in one of the designers Range Rover...and Jordan said that the "roof was really tall inside"......I agreed...and so I thought I miss living in the middle of the treasures that only a city can give the art museums, poetry jams where Jordan would steal the show at intermission with his break dancing, and having him along to look for treasures in the piles of vintage goods in the parking lot of Jet Rag...and him admiring all my art friends and them swelling up his inner artist

and now I sit typing this from Miami...about to do a Glaminar...with my giant baby -belly....I just called my Jordan who is with his cousins at a basketball game...and to my two littles who are at their Daddy's.....I miss them all so much......and it's hard to hold back my tears right now.....I wish it was that wonderful day again....baking our yummy chocolate cake...and running with my Blaker!
huge love and chocolate cake...your kandee


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