Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting bigger by the day!

here is me and lil' cupcake...she is getting bigger everyday...
my favorite part of being pregnant is feeling little baby move...
Yes I get all out of breathe easily, I feel like a big cow trying to move gracefully...ha ha ha ha
And it's very hard to get comfortable in chairs..ha ha ha
I feel like i need to travel with pillows everywhere.

today was Glaminar day in Miami...which was's just a long day of standing. My back was a little hurty at the end of the day, so was my swollen leg...I am propped up in bed with some pillows...and I am so tired....I fell asleep at my lunch break...which I've never done. But working this late at night on the computer everyday, then getting up before the sun, I guess...finally said, you need to sleep little lady!

After me and my mom were filled with pasta and bread...we walked...I more like waddled....back to our hotel. Washed off my make-up...thought about all the precious girls I met today...I will pray for each of their precious hearts....I talked to my little ones.....and once I'm done blogging on my other blog, I will fall faster than fast asleep I bet! Sweet dreams or happy mornings.....your big round belly, kandee


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