Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 things I like:

#1. sideways pictures and leopard earrings

#2. I don't like this picture..I LOVE IT...of my lil' Jordan, back when he was a tux...and you can't see it, but he's in front of an old retro Cadillac limo that's painted like an American Flag!
#3. I LOVE these little swing-ers more than my heart can even babies are my heart...and I am honored to be given the job to guide them and celebrate and inspire their gifts and personalities!
#4. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks

#5 my fun "candy-striped" door mat, I think I got it at Target....I love it!
#6 Fairytale pumpkins ( I got mine at Whole Foods)...and I love that Alani's pink guitar is on this picture! ha ha ha
#7. I likey  my ZEBRA luggage and my ZUCA bag...the pink suitcase has long since ceases to have working wheels! ha ha ha
#8. I love that I have not left my house in two days, have only worn my pajamas, and have spent most of my waking hours sitting in a semi-uncomfortable kitchen table chair, emailing, blogging, editing, and trying to plan Glaminars at the kitchen table...with not one stitch of make-up, well no I did put some on yesterday to do the Betty Boop look! ha ha ha

#9. I like the GROOVE ARMADA station on PANDORA

#10. ivi Scents BIRTHDAY CAKE SOAP -oh my cake! I love giving my kids baths with this soap...and it's like a confection-vacation when I take a shower and get to smell this!

#BONUS. I will also like when I shower and get to dream a little dream all cozy in my bed! ha ha ha ha

salted caramel hot chocolate in a giant mug.....kandee

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