Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pregnant Flapper!

I tried so hard to get my fringey flapper dress to go down.....but my belly didn't want be a flapper! ha ha ha ha ha

I seriously think my belly is growing bigger by the day!

I worekd to finish up all the details for my Toronoto between taking people to go pee and poop....make snacks and meals....try to clean up, talk to my great-grammy for a long time....
try to edit my website, I did have lots of fun researching "flapper" make-up and hair and styles all day....and I even listened to 20's music to get me in the mood.

Yes, it was one of those days where I pretty much wore my jammies all day. But upon Alani's request...we made a trip to the dollar store...and yay....I got to get out of the house!

On our Dollar Store Shopping list:
fabric softener sheets
a Strawberry Shortcake wipe-off door hanger for Lanzi
a set of cars for Blakey
and Alani also got a Valentine's Day heart shaped gotta love the Dollar Store for having things that are wayyyyyyyyy out of season! ha ha ha ha

And for fun, we went through the drive through at 31 Flavors to get ice cream!!!! They were out of the first 4 flavors we asked for....Icing on the Cake, America's Birthday Cake, Pink Bubble Gum...and one more I can't remember!

If no one knows....we have been living with my great-great gramma for some months now....and right now she has her tv on in her room sooooooo loud, it sounds like it's in the kitchen! Which is where I work.....I sit at the kitchen table from 7:30 this morning...until now, it's 9:30 at night..excpet for our "vacation" to the Dollar Tree Store! ha ha ha ha

I am so tired....I think we will all retire...and watch "Around the World in 80 Days"'s one of my fav movies...not the old one, but the one with Jackie Chan! It's hilarious! ha ha ha ha ha

sweet dreams of traveling around the world....
I really want to be one of those old people, that get to travel all around when they are old! ha ha ha
love you all.......kandee

don't let the storms of your past, cloud your future!! 


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