Friday, October 8, 2010

Diary of my Day: flying to Miami

7:55am: get out of bed (after only sleeping for 5 hours)

8:15 am: try to re-wet and blow dry my hair, because after my shower it was probably not the wisest idea to just sleep on my wet hair- it looked liked a birds nest when I went to brush my teeth in the morning!

9:20am: check emails and finish packing

9:45 race to airport

10:10am arrive at airport to find out our plane will be delayed for another hour...ha ha ha
*bonus nice thing- I asked the sky cap how much it would cost to send my Glaminar banner-he said it's usually $35 but he'd do it for free! AWESOME!

12:30am finally board plane (had the guy sitting next to watch as I edited a youtube video...very uncomfortable.....)

5:50 (after first time change) ARRIVE in Dallas with 5 minutes to get off plane and catch next one...

-Insert: me trying to jog-run to the next gate so that I don't jiggle my "cupcake" baby belly!-

5:54 I race to the bathroom to pee!!!

6PM: I am sitting very uncomfortably in my incredibly 90 degree angled chair...I think that airplane seats actually angle you forward!

6pm-10pm: computer battery died on the last now I have nothing to do...EXCEPT watch the movie on the plane, THE LAST AIRBENDER...which I didn't want to watch...but then I got interested in it and watched the whole thing...
American Airlines didn't even give us peanuts or anything snacky....I asked the lady if she had any crackers..because I am pregnant and we didn't have anytime to eat at Dallas airport...she let me have the $4 box of 4 crackers and once piece of cheese, a box of raisins, and some gross nuts...for FREE!
11:15PM: we order a cuban panini and the fruit plate from room service (they only had 4 things to choose from and they were out of one of them! ha ha ha ha)....we ooh and ahh and the MIAMI skyline...

1:02am (MIAMI TIME)....I am sitting in bed typing this in my jammies after I answered emails and typed a blog for my blog...with a toblerone chocolate box almost empty next to mom bought some at Trader Joe's for like $1.50...and brought em in her bag! hee hee hee

Now I am ready for bed-y! Yay! I get to see Miami in the morning for the first time....
I shall now refer to myself, not as KANDEE JOHNSON....but DON JOHNSON...from MIAMI VICE!
ha ha ha ha ha....
huge love....DON


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