Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Mama By the Ocean!

oh my ocean! This was like a little bit of heaven...this was the ocean, the ATLANTIC ocean! 
I grew up near the Pacific Ocean, and I must say, the water here in Miami is much cleaner and warmer!
I just wished I had a bathing suit to stay in the water all day long!

We walked around south beach...saw a topless lady in the water, and lots of thongs! ha ha ha
I felt way over-clothed and very large compared to all the sexy little, tan, people running all around.

I've never seen so many people wearing WHITE pants in my life!
And if they didn't have white pants on, they probably just had on bathing suit bottoms or a very tiny dress! ha ha ha ha
I felt very, very covered up and very very large!

My feet from pregnancy are super swollen and my hands swelled up so big that none of my rings would fit on, or should I say, would come off!

me and my big puffy feet are going to bed.....buenas noches from Mee-ami (miami)..ha ha ha


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