Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love it all!!!!

me (before in LA) with my baking-cupcake-baby...and our I heart LA bumper sticker....
But I think that me and cupcake love London, just a bit more! hee hee hee hee

Even though I've been is simply amazing being here in London! I feel like I am walking on the set of a movie everywhere I go. And I wish that I had a British accent. I was telling one of the girls at the Glaminar how I think British accents sound "smarter"...and she said, "nooooooo, I think they are a bit snobby sounding, American accents are so cool!"....I never thought I sounded cool before!

There were 2 girls from America at the Glaminar was so funny to hear them speaking with our "American Accents" too! They thought the same thing as me, that British accents sound much more intelligent! ha ha ha

I am so excited because, Rachel, one of the precious girls who helped yesterday, is going to take us to a part of England that looks like the scenery from Pride & Prejudice (one of my favorite movies!!!!).....
keep a look out for posts about my adventure!!!

I was given so many gift for my kids and the baby yesterday! I can't wait to give them everything!

huge love from me and London....xoxo kandee

PS If you want to read about the London Glaminar click here:

cheerio from London.....xoxoxo kandee


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