Sunday, October 31, 2010

Posher than a Spice Girl

(yes...Posh is fancy and stylish and so are these things I've found!)

My mom and sister always joke that I should've been born in the depression, because I think like someone who needs to save everything because I always think I'm going to be broke. I've gone years without having money to buy any new clothes for myself, which forced me to be more creative and make things out of my old clothes, so they looked new.
One time I had these old boots...that were not in style anymore, so I carefully taped the soles and spray painted them silver, and I got tons of compliments on my "new-old" boots...the heels had worn away so much that the nail was coming through and so many times I almost slipped and fell, til O tried to repair the heels myself! ha ha ha

And considering my first diaper bag was just  a Jansport Backpack...I am amazed at how diaper bags are cuter and more expensive than most purses!

They're are always things I dream-wish I could buy, and especially since I get to hunt for baby things, there are tons of things I think would be so fun to have:

These are on my baby dream-wish-list:
A Leopard Print Little Giraffe Blanket
(how cute and posh-spice is this!?!?) You probably know by now that I love leopard print...and I got a Little Giraffe blanket as a gift when I had Alani was a baby....oh my was one of the softest things I've ever felt! I wanted one my size too! ha ha ha
Heelarious Shoes
Okay, these are just plain (as their name says....HEEL-ARIOUS!)
Fake, "stuffed" heels for lil ladies! ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Quinny Stroller
I love this stroller! They don't even have these at all the Babies R' Us stores....I only saw it at the Babies R' Us in New York City! And let me tell you...after being surrounded my strollers for the past 13 almost 14 years (with all my babies)..this is the most padded, softest stroller I've ever felt! It made me want to have a huge me-size one to sit in!
It comes with the little bassinet that they call a "Dreami Carrycot"...again, I kinda wish I had one in my size! ha ha ha

I was doing a quick spin on the web looking at diaper bags....and sort of had a heart attack at some of the prices! I don't even have a purse that is half as expensive as some of the diaper bags I saw!
So I found the most expensive one to show you..ha ha ha ha
 But I think this one deserves a "cupcake mention"because not only is the line called "CAKE" (It's from Petunia Picklebottom - another name I think is great!), but the style is called:
Red Velvet Cake Society Special
(doesn't just the name make you hungry!?!)
look how cute the turquoise one is!
are you ready for the price!?! This is one large slice of cake price: $325 for this bag!!!
It'd say this gets 2 Posh Victoria Beckham thumbs up, for highest priced diaper bag I've found! ha ha
And to let you know...I think it should come with at least 2, $100 bills inside! ha ha ha ha

Okay, so that's it for our trip to "champagne wishes and caviar dream" baby goodies! ha ha ha


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