Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cutting MY hair off! (the lost pictures of my hair)

It took me years to grow out my shaved-head hair do...these were  "grow out" stages that I actually liked.....
I had to make my hair platinum color, so that it felt a little more girly than like a black-hair buzz look! ha ha ha
I liked this was a combo of a super short bob...with a little "french" chic-ness...I loved this length!
here's all of dark haired siter...and me....this was right after we surprised my sister in Santa Barbara for her birthday....she saw me and started crying...then I was like, "oh just wait...another surprise is outside...and my mama was there...then my aunt, Nana...Jordan...I didn't have my littles yet...ans she didn't have her Sydney then! (CLICK HERE to see my mama's new short hair BEFORE & AFTER

and then look at my Rapuntzel hair in high was like 38 feet long!
and now finally that Im 67 (ha ha ha) years's almost as long again....
this was one of the pictures that my friend Andi took in my hotel room in NYC...and wouldn't you know it...even though my hairs all long...I saw all these girls...and now my mom with her short do...made me wish I had my short hair again! ha ha ha ha

huge love and big hair........kandee


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