Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Likes on our "mini-road-trip" home:

Things I liked on our mini-Disney-road-trip-vacation-drive-home:
I love candles...especially "safety candles" that are powered by light bulb but look like dancing flames!
I like this sign outside of the yummiest restaurant in Mammoth or to use it's "map" name....Mammoth Lakes, California., I totally wanted to wear my ski boots inside....I'm bringing back wearing ski boots...totally hard to walk in but so unlike any other footwear anyone's wearing! ha ha ha jk, jk!
I like that it's called The Stove and they have a blue stove inside
I love the smell of fresh mountain air...clean and piney!
I LOVED my homemade cinnamon bread french toast with butter and pow-pow (powdered sugar). Caramelized crispy crunch on the outside, and soft cinnamony goodness in the center, all soggy with butter! yum-yum-yumderful!
I liked this giant ice cream cone....we stopped at got much smaller ones.
Blakey liked the little bench at first...but realized it was too hot for his liking.

i really liked this view at Disneyland and wish I was still there... truly one of my favorite places....
wishing I had some more of that french toast...

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Disneyland Favorites!

The sad part about vacations is when you have to go never seems like your vacation was very long....
we did enjoy 2 and half days at Disneyland....I wish I was still there!!
we got there Sunday afternoon and spent Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland and a little bit at California park. I love Disneyland way more than the California park...but I did go on the Screamin' California ride with Jordan and Alani liked the Ariel ride! Nothing compares to Disneyland!

So here's my Disney Favorites and fun just looking at them makes me feel happy!
Get ready..keep all hands and arms inside your chair..and away we gooooooooooooooo!


FAVORITE LAND in Disneyland: (oh I have 2!) Fantasyland and New Orleans Square and Mainstreet, ok that's 3!

FAVORITE TREATS: Churros, Frozen Lemonade with Vanilla Flavoring (In New Orleans Square), Apple Pie Caramel Apples from Main street, and Dole Whips (In front of the Tiki Room)...but I bought 3 Apple Pie Caramel Apples-
caramel, then dipped in white chocolate, then dipped in cinnamon sugar on top and graham cracker on the bottom, it tastes like a cheesecake apple! newest fav...PLUS, they slice them for you, so you don't have caramel all over your face!
 look how cute the Mickey & Minnie Caramel Apples are!
*My old favorite is the Mexican place in Frontierland, Rancho Del Zocalo...
yummy enchiladas and soft tacos..and I always buy 2 bags of the cinnamon sugar chips!
*My new favorite: Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in Frontierland too-
so get metal buckets filled with corn on the cob, ribs, chicken, sausage, cornbread, cole slaw and beans. It was sooooooo good. And they have singers and you eat at your own lil' "wagon table"! It was so any time you drink out of mason jars I love it!
*My all-time favorite: The Plaza Inn on Main Street
I normally don't like fried chicken...but I love it here! The Strawberry Shortcake is yummy too! And it's like you step back in the Victorian era...I am in LOVE with the glossy paint everything is covered in white and the palest pink.
BONUS: if you go at night near fireworks can watch the fireworks while you eat dessert, like we did! Best firework show ever! Even Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly through the air!
me and my little "Sleeping Beauty" leaving the Plaza Inn...oh..see the glistening glossy paint in the background?

(this is not how you wear the Sleepywrap...I just moved the wrap so you could read her "sleeping beauty" on her shirt for the picture)

SleepWrap was great until, I love it because it's so comfy and stretchy...but it was sooo hot to have all the fabric wrapped around me, so I brought my lighter Taylormade Sling,

and she slept in it for hours...while we ate lunch, waited in line for rides, she even stayed asleep while we went in The Little Mermaid ride and some other kiddie rides! It was super cool and light.
FAVORITE TIME OF DAY: when the sun starts to go down and's way cooler and at night after the fireworks, the lines aren't as long for the rides
Jordan in his "Y" shirt...not shown here: the rest of us that spelled out "disneYland" when we lined up, as we walked back to Disneyland after our "it's-too-hot-to-wait-in-anymore-lines-let's-just-go-cool-off-in-the-pool-break"...
the happiest little bathing beauty at the happiest place in the world...
actually...wherever any of my little babies are is the happiest place in the world...but Disneyland sure makes it a whole lot more fun!!!

Already unpacked and Craving those Apple Pie Caramel Apples.....your kandee

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best Sunglasses EVER!

 By far my favorite Disneyland item was the Mickey and Minnie "flip-out" minute they are sunglasses and with a flick of the flip out the minnie and mickey to the sides....
and BAM! YOu have very Harry Potter-ish looking glasses with mouse ears like shutters on the sides!
If you knew of the coolness of Bobby Brown, when he was cool..."Every Little Step I Take".....era...My sister said Jordan looked super Bobby Brown...ha ha ha

"I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn listenin' for the telephone...
and when I get your call I'm all choked up, can't believe you called my home" (Bobby Brown song...)

so sad to leave Disneyland and my sister....Disneyland didn't make me cry...but leaving my sister did.

We stopped at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and I was so dissapointed they were out of my favorite drink...the Oreo Blended without Coffee...the white chocoalte was good...but no Oreo drinky!

mouse shades...and Bobby Brown dance moves (google them)....kandee

CLICK HERE TO see my Snow White Red Lips at Disneyland! Funzie!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disneyland with Woody and family...

 Yesterday looked a little somethin' like this:
Our little Blaker as Woody...complete with shirt and hat...
 Me, Jordan's friend, "Jafar", and Jordan AKA Shere Khan about to go on the Screamin' California roller coaster in the California and sister held the baby so I could go on a ride!
 "Shere Khan" (if you are the post before'll all make sense..ha ha ha) and me in line for our ride...and this is the only picture where I don't have the baby in my arms! ha ha Even with the baby wraps and arms are so sore! ha ha (she doesn't like strollers very much)
And my miniest mini her Minnie onesie!
We ate caramel apples...BBQ food and lots of churros...
off to go run around some more....just not in Disneyland...awww I love Disneyland!
mouskateers and churros....kandee

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothin' say fun like PERSONALIZED SHIRTS!

 My sister made everyone handmade shirts....handpainted and "hand puff-painted".....we even glowed in the dark! So we each had our names on our shirts to personalize them yet remain sister wrote Disney character names on the back of our shirts....
I was Pocahontas (cuz that's what people called me in high school) was Sleeping Beauty...
I had my green SleepyWrap on so you can't see my shirt...
 there's my neice AKA Minnie...being held by the shirt-maker sister, Tiffany.
Alani as her fav,,,Princess Ariel and Blaker ofcourse is, Lightning McQueen.
And Jordan as Shere Khan from Jungle
Book...and my "bonus son", Jordan's Jafar (from Aladdin)...
my favorite is my brother in law that walked around with "Mr. Smee" on his back...(from Peter Pan)...ha ha ha ha

Nothing say we're vacationing together like personalized puff-paint was kinda awesome because you could find everyone really easily!

personalized shirts and puffpaint..your kandee

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Favorite Luggage: road trip ready

a couple of my little traveler's....
(alani's "travelin" shirt from Justice and Marshal's score on shorts and flip flops...Blakey sportin his new checkered Vans and old H&M jeans)....
yes we are officially on vacation....
hooray! But don't worry I'll still be bloggin......
my favorite luggage doesn't belong to me but my lil people....
Lightning McQueen suitcase with wheels, from Cars  &
Alani's bag with world famous buildings....
both from one of my fav stores....Target!

all my lil' lovebugs fell asleep as soon as they snuzzled in tired lil' travelers....
hugs bigger than a suitcase....kandee

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drops of Deliciousness...

things we love at our house:
this bag is now almost little love bugs have melted most all of these in her their mouths...
happy Sunday and yummy-ness....
(Sundays are my "day off days" for blog it's "Short and Sweet Sunday Posts"!!!

love and meringues, kandee

Saturday, July 23, 2011

That 70's Baby

Nothing like "That 70's show".....but lots like a 70's print curtain or bedspread.....I loved this onesie the second I saw it......

Thanks  Old Navy for making cute and bargain friendly baby clothes!

bell bottoms and peace glasses....kandee

Friday, July 22, 2011

White T-shirts, Bring Baby to Work & Work-Outs

Who doesn't love matching outfits? well, lots of people actually...but I thought it was fun that me and little tiny, both had matching white shirts...
ok hers was more of a onesie....
that would just be weird if I had a white body suit on.

Today I tried to work out while holding baby: you sweat a lot faster trying to do sumo squats while holding a baby (which she thought was hilarious) I just turn dance music on and "work-out"/dance around while holding baby.

I tried to print out artist releases for a magazine that needs this emailed back from me...but it won't print out...- why printer do you never print for me?!? why?

And I got a call that we need to re-shoot some scenes for a tv show I worked on...and as most jobs for tv never really know an actual date until it's like the day before....But we are set to fly wherever they are filming...with my mom and the babes! ha ha ha (Have baby...will work. I never go anywhere without her. Seriously...unless she's taking a nap with my mama, she's always with me...IMATS, tv shows, blogger events...babies goes with me everywhere! Any time someone has seen me somewhere and asks for a picture....they get a baby in their picture too! ha ha) I still remember when Jordan was little and would go with me to photo shoots... I've been blessed with photographers that became friends or designers that were friends and always let me bring him...he was so polite and everyone loved having him around...One photographer friend of mine, took pictures of Jordan when he was little and got him into a huge modeling agency...but neither me nor Jordan like the child modeling world too much...ha ha ha

and this was just a small sampling of my day...ha ha ha

I even did my make-up while holding baby...yes even lipliner with my left hand...and I'm right handed!

it's now 12:45am and I'm trying to type this, just finished throwing more laundry in the washer and dryer...and ate a mini bag of chocolate chip cookies
she likes to lean her forehead against my's like a hug but with your face...ha ha ha
face hugs....kandee

everything pales in comparison to being a's the most rewarding job you'll ever have...the rewards it brings your heart, mean more than any golden trophy or little statue or award!

Click here to see how to make a flower wall!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh Haircut

Jordan:  fresh new haircut....
I love his hair cut and think he does look quite dashing, if I do say so, my proud-mama self.

We went shopping to get him a new pair of shoes since he's outgrown his old ones...he is huge...he is wayyyyy taller than me...he's about 5' 11'' and I am only 5' 7"
we had the best time....he makes me laugh so much and he's a great big brother....
I love him so much....I miss when he when he was Elyse's size and I would sing, Nat King Cole songs to him...
" for the way you look at me....O is for the only one I see....V is very very extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore...and LOVE is made for me and you!"
(I probably don't have the lyrics exactly's been a while since I sang them! ha ha)

a feeling, very short mama....kandee

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BABY NAME TREND: naming your baby FACEBOOK

Some people really think I named Elyse, "Cupcake" and think that's strange...yes, Cupcake might be a "a little out of the norm" for names..but not that weird.
And with a name like Kandee, you bet your personalized name mug that I got teased...
countless: "kandee, can I have some candy?"...and then on to high school where I was always disgusted at how teenage boys could use my name in gross teenage boy-comments.
So when I set out to name my little ones...I carefully thought of every way a name could be shortened, teased, or made fun of before I even thought of adding it to a "baby names" list.
Meet Lior and Vardit Adler,  nice looking parents, that seem creative and modern thinking.
So creative that they were inspired by FACEBOOK to name their baby after the like button. Yes they liked the LIKE button on facebook so much they named their baby after little, Like Adler.
Like has an older sibling named Pie, which makes Cupcake seem not so crazy as a name option. ha ha
(actually I bet "Like" sounds very exotic in another language beside English)

And don't forget little, Facebook Ibrahim, who was named by her dad, who was so impressed with FACEBOOK's power to help bring an end to Egyptian President Mubarak's reign, that he wanted to name his baby Facebook.

It could be funny...a kindergarten class in 5 years:
TEACHER: Google I told you to leave Facebook alone. Youtube would you like to bring your toy up for show and tell as soon as Twitter is done showing us her new toy. And thank you, Yahoo, for using your inside voice.

with a name like may not like it when you're little...but after you survived elementary school and high's awesome...people hardly ever forget my name...
and you can bet you'd never forget Facebook Smith...ha ha ha

"kandee do you have some more candy?"...

"No I'm all out"....kandee

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Bling: pacifier

Here's my lil' Cuppycake...biting a pacifier- she is teething...she never really got into the pacifier, but she loves to bite on them! ha ha ha Actually none of my babies have ever like pacifiers. ha ha

And I had no idea that Juicy Couture made pacifiers...until I got some as baby gifts!
 (and I love that she looks so flowery in her flowery jammies on the flowery comforter!)
(look at the adorable, heart shaped box they come in! These were a really fun gift!)

add some bling to your gift
-this is an awesome idea, because you can customize any baby item:
 a diaper wipe case might be really  fun!
just get some adhesive rhinestones at the craft store...and bedazzle your next gift! It makes it more customized and crafty because you did it yourself!

These ones were hand-customized with bling! Who doesn't love sparkle! We got binky-bling!
I can't give you a review on these, since she doesn't use them as normal babies use pacifiers...she just bites on them for teething if that's what you're goin' for...she loves em! ha ha ha

pacies, binkies, babas, or as we like to call them "chew toys"...ha ha ha
your kandee and her little cuppycakey

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (read it in a monster truck show voice)

 A few fun pictures from our Sunday....
after church we went to visit Grammy....(these pictures of Jordan holding little Cucpake (AKA Elyse are my favorites)
...(I love her face here)...I must have been telling him something interesting...ofcourse!
 Jordan and his friend, Bryan...
this is my grandma, who we call, Nana...who is visiting my Grammy (Grammy is my great grandma)...
I think she looks great for being 71!
we had such a great Sunday....Jordan even said he had so much fun on our family day!
off to tackle Monday...
your Kandee who has "naked" wrist in these pictures...
i lost my leather cuff and my watch is broken! ha ha ha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tiny Hands & Giant Love

i love these little hands....
no more words are needed...
my heart has melted a little more just looking at this picture....
I thank God He has given me precious lil souls, with precious lil' hands to take care of and love...
I love being a mama so much...
little baby hands and bigger mama hands...kandee

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to have an awesome Friday Night:

What do I do on Friday nights you might ask?
Well...I wrapped baby in her Sleepywrap...
(this was not from yesterday...we were no where near sand last night...ha ha ha)
I like it way better than the Moby Wrap, it stretches and is way more cozy, I think...I have the Moby Wrap too, but don't use it anymore...and I love this green color!
then we danced around my bathroom as I organized some of my make-up and listened to Pandora.

Then we saw this baby bunny outside, it's sooooo cute:
bunny...and the once pink bike toy that was Alani's, then Jordan spray painted it blue and gold for Blakey, when Alani outgrew it! What a nice big brother.
and then we saw this amazing sunset I just had to show you guys!
(see...without the clouds of life we wouldn't have pretty sunsets...)

then we went and got pizza....
as I held a sleeping Cupcake...(which I do all the time...just ask anyone that's ever seen me out anywhere...I am always holding my sleeping Cupcake!)...I played Jordan's friend at PacMan and did pretty well since I was holding a sleeping baby in my other arm!

We had the most fun time in the grocery store looking at stuff and laughing...
Jordan joked  about the Sham WooHoo...
if you haven't seen it:
got ice cream and Black Cherry Cream Soda to make Blake Cherry floats!
gave Cupcake a bath...and we went to bed....

and yay, today, it's Saturday... donuts...Kanday (cuz it rhymes with Saturday)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute! Cute! Cutey Pie!

 I just want to stare at lil' Ellie-Bellie's (aka Cupcake, AKA Elyse) cute-ness all day long!
 This was was her maxin-and-relaxin' in her Nap Nanny (it's like a chill-pod recliner...even Blakey really loves it and has fallen asleep in it and he's 3! ha ha ha))...while I put some laundry away in about 45 seconds flat!

 I can't even tell you how much I love this lil' face!!! My favorite part of the day yesterday, was when she fell asleep in her Sleepy Wrap while we were grocery shopping Whole Foods...nothing like feeling a little baby sleeping next to your lovebeats instead of regular heartbeats!

Hope this tiny smile...brought a big smile to your face!

hu-gantic hugs and smile from me and my lil' smile machine..... then kandee -iest Johnson of them all!


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