Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting ready for 4th of July!

 Blakey had his "medical" case on hand in case anyone got injured...
who doesn't love a "doctor" in Woody (from Toy Story) pajammies!
Alani in her princess shoes (we got em at Target)...they have pink glitter! we love glitter!
decorating note: I love this Zebra rug I got at Home Goods...but the bad part is...the white fibers of the rug, get all over the black fibers and it looks all fuzzy.

We ventured to the craft store and Walmart yesterday, and it said it was 93 degrees outside.
We braved the crazy-ness at Walmart...and sped through the 20 items or less line because it was a rare trip when we only had about 12 things! ha ha ha
we got fun 4th of July Goodies!!
4th of July sunglasses, little flags, sparkly star garlands and hats.....
all I can say is you can imagine how awesome  99 cents sunglasses are! ha ha ha
I love them!

I tried to make a video for a make-up look last night...but it was not working out so well...all my lil' peeps wanted to be really loud I gave up and made cookies with a really awesome looking, fourth of july make-up on! ha ha ha

glitter shoes....kandee


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