Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Likes on our "mini-road-trip" home:

Things I liked on our mini-Disney-road-trip-vacation-drive-home:
I love candles...especially "safety candles" that are powered by light bulb but look like dancing flames!
I like this sign outside of the yummiest restaurant in Mammoth or to use it's "map" name....Mammoth Lakes, California., I totally wanted to wear my ski boots inside....I'm bringing back wearing ski boots...totally hard to walk in but so unlike any other footwear anyone's wearing! ha ha ha jk, jk!
I like that it's called The Stove and they have a blue stove inside
I love the smell of fresh mountain air...clean and piney!
I LOVED my homemade cinnamon bread french toast with butter and pow-pow (powdered sugar). Caramelized crispy crunch on the outside, and soft cinnamony goodness in the center, all soggy with butter! yum-yum-yumderful!
I liked this giant ice cream cone....we stopped at got much smaller ones.
Blakey liked the little bench at first...but realized it was too hot for his liking.

i really liked this view at Disneyland and wish I was still there... truly one of my favorite places....
wishing I had some more of that french toast...


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