Monday, July 11, 2011

The Happiest Place on my Birthday

 what better way to celebrate another year old than at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland!!!!
Me and mama (Shannon).....

Funniest things I heard all day:
*Tiffany, the girl who came up and asked: "Has anyone ever told you, you like Kandee Johnson? hee hee
*The numerous times people asked me and my sister if we were twins.
*Even though Cupcake was wearing pink...people (always men, I noticed) asking "How old is he?" The women always got it right...and usually corrected the confused-man..."it's a girl!" ha ha ha

I only went on a few rides...
*It's a Small World (twice- Baby loved it, and it's air-conditioned because it was super hot)
*Then the Storybook Boat ride
-yes you wait in line for 30 minutes and the ride is only about a minute long (if that)...but every second is worth it!..."and here we goooooooo" favorite!

When the baby fell alseep my mom offered to hold her while me and my sister went on Space Mountain...ha ha ha....but when we ran up to go on...the ride was closed! ha ha ha

Even though I didn't get to go on very many rides, it's just fun being inside Disneyland! I love it there!
Had the best Apple Pie Caramel Apple too!

It was a happy birthday!
Disney Princesses....kandee


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