Friday, July 29, 2011

My Disneyland Favorites!

The sad part about vacations is when you have to go never seems like your vacation was very long....
we did enjoy 2 and half days at Disneyland....I wish I was still there!!
we got there Sunday afternoon and spent Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland and a little bit at California park. I love Disneyland way more than the California park...but I did go on the Screamin' California ride with Jordan and Alani liked the Ariel ride! Nothing compares to Disneyland!

So here's my Disney Favorites and fun just looking at them makes me feel happy!
Get ready..keep all hands and arms inside your chair..and away we gooooooooooooooo!


FAVORITE LAND in Disneyland: (oh I have 2!) Fantasyland and New Orleans Square and Mainstreet, ok that's 3!

FAVORITE TREATS: Churros, Frozen Lemonade with Vanilla Flavoring (In New Orleans Square), Apple Pie Caramel Apples from Main street, and Dole Whips (In front of the Tiki Room)...but I bought 3 Apple Pie Caramel Apples-
caramel, then dipped in white chocolate, then dipped in cinnamon sugar on top and graham cracker on the bottom, it tastes like a cheesecake apple! newest fav...PLUS, they slice them for you, so you don't have caramel all over your face!
 look how cute the Mickey & Minnie Caramel Apples are!
*My old favorite is the Mexican place in Frontierland, Rancho Del Zocalo...
yummy enchiladas and soft tacos..and I always buy 2 bags of the cinnamon sugar chips!
*My new favorite: Big Thunder Ranch BBQ in Frontierland too-
so get metal buckets filled with corn on the cob, ribs, chicken, sausage, cornbread, cole slaw and beans. It was sooooooo good. And they have singers and you eat at your own lil' "wagon table"! It was so any time you drink out of mason jars I love it!
*My all-time favorite: The Plaza Inn on Main Street
I normally don't like fried chicken...but I love it here! The Strawberry Shortcake is yummy too! And it's like you step back in the Victorian era...I am in LOVE with the glossy paint everything is covered in white and the palest pink.
BONUS: if you go at night near fireworks can watch the fireworks while you eat dessert, like we did! Best firework show ever! Even Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly through the air!
me and my little "Sleeping Beauty" leaving the Plaza Inn...oh..see the glistening glossy paint in the background?

(this is not how you wear the Sleepywrap...I just moved the wrap so you could read her "sleeping beauty" on her shirt for the picture)

SleepWrap was great until, I love it because it's so comfy and stretchy...but it was sooo hot to have all the fabric wrapped around me, so I brought my lighter Taylormade Sling,

and she slept in it for hours...while we ate lunch, waited in line for rides, she even stayed asleep while we went in The Little Mermaid ride and some other kiddie rides! It was super cool and light.
FAVORITE TIME OF DAY: when the sun starts to go down and's way cooler and at night after the fireworks, the lines aren't as long for the rides
Jordan in his "Y" shirt...not shown here: the rest of us that spelled out "disneYland" when we lined up, as we walked back to Disneyland after our "it's-too-hot-to-wait-in-anymore-lines-let's-just-go-cool-off-in-the-pool-break"...
the happiest little bathing beauty at the happiest place in the world...
actually...wherever any of my little babies are is the happiest place in the world...but Disneyland sure makes it a whole lot more fun!!!

Already unpacked and Craving those Apple Pie Caramel Apples.....your kandee


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