Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Bling: pacifier

Here's my lil' Cuppycake...biting a pacifier- she is teething...she never really got into the pacifier, but she loves to bite on them! ha ha ha Actually none of my babies have ever like pacifiers. ha ha

And I had no idea that Juicy Couture made pacifiers...until I got some as baby gifts!
 (and I love that she looks so flowery in her flowery jammies on the flowery comforter!)
(look at the adorable, heart shaped box they come in! These were a really fun gift!)

add some bling to your gift
-this is an awesome idea, because you can customize any baby item:
 a diaper wipe case might be really  fun!
just get some adhesive rhinestones at the craft store...and bedazzle your next gift! It makes it more customized and crafty because you did it yourself!

These ones were hand-customized with bling! Who doesn't love sparkle! We got binky-bling!
I can't give you a review on these, since she doesn't use them as normal babies use pacifiers...she just bites on them for teething purposes...so if that's what you're goin' for...she loves em! ha ha ha

pacies, binkies, babas, or as we like to call them "chew toys"...ha ha ha
your kandee and her little cuppycakey


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