Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute! Cute! Cutey Pie!

 I just want to stare at lil' Ellie-Bellie's (aka Cupcake, AKA Elyse) cute-ness all day long!
 This was was her maxin-and-relaxin' in her Nap Nanny (it's like a chill-pod recliner...even Blakey really loves it and has fallen asleep in it and he's 3! ha ha ha))...while I put some laundry away in about 45 seconds flat!

 I can't even tell you how much I love this lil' face!!! My favorite part of the day yesterday, was when she fell asleep in her Sleepy Wrap while we were grocery shopping Whole Foods...nothing like feeling a little baby sleeping next to your lovebeats instead of regular heartbeats!

Hope this tiny smile...brought a big smile to your face!

hu-gantic hugs and smile from me and my lil' smile machine..... then kandee -iest Johnson of them all!


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