Thursday, September 30, 2010


To all my loyal kandeeland family that entered my WIN A CELEBRITY BAG contest...and thousands and thousands of comments later....we have a winner!!!!

The winner of this chic-leopard Ju-Ju-Be Bag (values at: $124.95!!! I know!!! Awesome prize!) from (yes they are the home of my AMAZING Hello Kitty Bag I have) going to be: (drum roll please!)


we are now bag twins! If you feel like you need this bag too, click here:

*And just so you know....I do not get paid one penny from friend Devan works there, and she's awesome and offered to celebrate my pregg-ness by doing a bag giveaway! I love getting to celebrate things with you all!!!

If you like the giveaways, let me know....I love being able to give you guys goodies...don't worry if you didn't win now...I'll try to do more to so everyone can keep on trying...just like the lottery...ha ha ha!

huge love and even bigger bags to carry more treasures,
your kandee

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've never wanted to take my pants off so bad!

My name is Kandee and I travel with weapons...
actually I didn't even know I had this in my carry-on, it's for my make-up kit to cut things...
but lo and behold...I was told I am allowed to carry this size of scissors!
when I got dressed this morning after my 5am, New York City wake up time  (yes that's 2am west coast time, where I am now)...I didnt' really have time to figure out the perfect traveling outfit. I threw on these awful leggings...ok, they are not awful...but when you are pregnant and you don't want ANYTHING touching your stomach at ALL....the last thing you want on a 5 hour flight is some tight waist band feeling like it's choking your belly, hips...and somehow even your lungs! ha ha ha ha

Before I realized I had my scissors on my carry on...I had even gone to ask a girl in a NYC souvenir store in the airport if she had scissors to cut the elastic band out of my pants...she said they aren't even allowed to have scissors in their store once you're in the terminal. (How the hecklers did I get scissors to come with me on the plane?!?)....
so it wasn't until I sat from NYC to LA pulling my pants away from my stomach the whole time with my hands...that I discovered the scissors....
I headed straight for the ladies bathroom to set me free from the entrapment of my "too-tight-non-maternity-leggins-waistband".....
this was me shortly after my "pants-libertion"...(and just so everyone know...those are NOT real tattoos on my belly...they are fake...I had just put some flower tattoos on for a photoshoot.

Many hours later...I am still wearing my "elastic-free" leggins....except the only reason I am awake right now, is to type this blog for you all to read!!!

sweet dreams and baggy waisted pants....your kandee


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi from me & cupcake in New York City!
I've been one tired mama....she is kicking her feet up in NYC! I can't wait to show you the awesome pics form my "cupcake tummy" photo shoot!!! A little bit rock n' roll and pregancy!

Of to go chop of all my moms hair at a salon and enjoy our last day in this amazing city!
huge love, smile and happy-happy from NYC.......your kandee

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where did I leave my heart?

I miss my "little hearts" babies...they are the sunshine in my days that shine warmth in my heart! I guess my Jordan is a "big heart" since he's taller than me now!

my heart is not just in my lil man's juice's in his hands.....
and no matter how much i love being in heart is with each of my babies...and I miss them....
I miss my precious "Strawberry Shortcake", as she likes me to call her...

I imagine all the things I see here, and how they would love them...
They would've loved:
Dylan's Candy Bar
Serendipity (the place with the $1,000 sundae)
Any of the parks...
all the tall buildings...
and anything with bright lights...
I can't wait to see them, and I can't wait to be able to show them NYC one day...
My heart will be complete when I go to sleep and I can see them tucked inside their beds, and I can look at their precious faces...and thank God for allowing me to take care of these precious lil souls!
I love you my babies.....
huge love and silky pillow cases, kandee

Sunday Morning in NYC face- all business!

This is me...with no make-up..and crazy-ish the lobby of the hotel, typing this blog...
Last night I fell asleep with my laptop still on my lap after I talked to my babies and told them how much I loved and missed them...
and my heart longed to hold their little selves so much as they told me about their day..."I had a lot of fun with Daddy today, but I really miss you mama!"...oh my little hearts!

... I tried to blog after a full day of Glaminar (which was incredible!) action and only 1 1/2 hours of sleep the night before...from setting up, dinner, and blogging. No exciting tales, of being at some hip NYC hotspot, until 3am...ha ha ha
Just me in my hotel room uploading pictures, typing both blogs, answering emails, updating the website because I has mis-typed some things! ha ha ha

and now I'm sitting in the lobby typing this...SEE here's computee with NYC in the background! My hotel room has gotten very crowded with boxes and suitcases full of Glaminar gear...and not place to sit! ha ha ha...
so here I am in the spacsious lobby!

I can't wait to go get ready, get out of the hotel and see more of this amazing city! There truly is no place like New York City! There is an excitement just walking around....and at the same time this amazingly charming quality all at the same time! I love it!

such a change from my daily life....I love it!

huge love and I'll take pics to post so you can "come with me" on my NYC adventures!

love and I heart NY shirts...kandee

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A SOHO kinds of day!

Me trying on rings in SOHO....

After doing my mom's BEFORE & AFTER....
we headed to SOHO....we ran from store to store...
finally making our way to eat at yummy...the Chocolate Pot De Creme....was soooooo yummery!

I'll post more, but it's 2:54 am NYC time...and I have to get up early for GLAMINAR tomorrow's gonna be amazing!

WE had a team of 8 helpers, help make the gift bags which only took 2 hours with 10 of us all together, normally when it's just me and takes hours and hours and hours!

Then we rushed to have dinner with friends from LA that just happened to be in NYC....we ate a t some cool place in Chelsea...Sex and The City area!

Then we tried to get a taxi...and a limo pulled up and said he'd give us a ride for the same price we paid a taxi to take us there!

Today was one of those amazing days that didn't feel real! It felt like I was in a movie...and I loved and celebrated a millisecond of it.....

Man, if you had told me this is what my life would be like years ago, when I was feeling hopeless, I never would've believed it!

Sweet dreams from the delicious CRUMBS cupcake later.....I'm going to try to sleep!
huge love...your kandee

Friday, September 24, 2010

a New York State of MIND!

the view from the TARMAC at LAX (LA)....yes you can read my other blog to here all about my "VIRGIN" experience!
as me and my mom stood waiting to get our baggage from our first flight and go check in at VIRGIN..we noticed that one of our BIG BLACK bags was missing! THIS BAG HAD HALF the gift bags for the GLAMINAR TOMORROW, most of my make-up for the GLAMINAR and some of the prizes!
I ran to the baggage service place....I'm very familiar with them now! ha ha ha

I was nice and NOT angry, told the lady my problem....told her how much I liked her ZEBRA NAILS! And since I showed her kindness..she was so kind back....she tracked my bags....had them fed-exed to the hotel (they'll be here in the afternoon, which is fine because our hotel room here is so tiny I don't know where we;d be able to walk with one more bag in here! ha ha ha

And the hidden blessing in all this, is...when I went to check in at VIRGIN, I didn't have to pay for my "missing" bag to be on the flight, because Southwest was getting it to me for free now!

So instead of getting mad....I got glad and found the goodness in what could've been badness!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to be in NYC...and with my of my dreams has always been to be here with her. Her dream was always to be a fashion designer...she went to the Fashion Institute in LA, but then she got married while she was there and then got pregnant with me...who knows the missing puzzle pieces of our lives...maybe being a fashion designer is a piece that she will add to her life puzzle still.....I can't wait to be here in NYC with her!

DON'T FORGET TO CLICK HERE to read my blog to see what celeb was on my plane!

huge love and big apples...
enjoy this little video...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


YAY! My first official give away on the kandeeland blog!

What do Britney Spears, Ali Larter, Samantha Harris of Dancing with the Stars and now me...all have in common!

A Ju-Ju-Be BAG!
(yep the same awesome place that I got my Hello Kitty Bag From!)

Yes, as you know my love for leopard and zebra print just echoes "glama-zon" in my retro, pin-up mind! And when I saw this baby....I thought this needs to be what I use for MY baby!

And I want some mama, to get to be my diaper bag twin and win one for them and their lil cupcake!

And just so you know, you can use this for many other purposes than just a baby bag! It's got pockets galore, and such a stylish, glam feel, with a touch of rockstar! I love this!

Check out the other awesome bags that JU JU BE makes here:

My other fav that I couldn't decide between was the BE FABULOUS BAG in black...totally chic and rockstar too!
Being that this will be baby #4 for me....I've had many an experience with diaper bags, being too small, too hard to carry, too hard to find things in, made too cheap and they fall apart! And believe me, I am the research queen. Not only are these bags filled with pockets and mommy-sone areas to stash keys, wallet, cell phone, but they are made with an anti-microbial material-so say good bye to germies! After all, this becomes like your new purse- it better be a little stylish!


Rules: (i know i know, but without em we won't know who will win!)

CONTEST STARTS TODAY!!! September 23, 2010
#1. you must be a subscriber to this blog (that's how I'll be able to get a hold of you!)

#2. you must comment below to this blog post only..saying.:

#3. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED HERE THURDAY SEPT 30th! So you 'll have 24 hours to respond after winner is announced...


I hope you guys like this contest, and I hope you like winning a "twin" bag like mine!

huge love and even bigger bags to carry things in, your kandee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the helicopter is THAT?!?

I know it's hard to say what is what?
What is that huge green thing in your hands?
OR what is that huge belly you got there lady?!? ha ha ha

This is ONE of the LARGEST ZUCHINI's I've ever seen! The neighbor brought it over from her garden. I cooked it up, well only like a 4th of it to go with our pasta...turns out none of my children like huge zuchini. And the little ones didn't even want the pasta! I ended up making them burritos..our go to food- the burrito.

Blaker carried the Zuchini around for a while, calling it his baby. 

Could you imagine how many fried zuchini sticks you could make outta this bad boy!?

Would you check out the size of my cupcake oven (aka belly region)?!?

after giving LAnzi and Blaker a bath and hearing Blake tell Alani, "Your hair look pretty Yanzo (one of the names Blaker has for her)" which she replied: thank you blake
Then they both told each other they loved each other.

Snuggling with all my their freshly washed faces, lots of kisses. Praying with them and letting them hear me thank God for each one of them...
And sitting on the couch typing...while Jordan asked if he would like me to sit next to me:
I SAY: ofcourse sweetheart...and him telling me he loves me.
Then hearing him tell Alani and Blake that he loves them.

I am so honred to see how I've been able to raise my lovebugs to be so kind and loving!

They are all fast  mama, I could just sit and watch them sleep for hours..studying their precious lil faces that it seems are changing into more mature little faces way too fast...

I love being a mama...and my time with them is more amazing than anything else I could be doing. 
I fell little cupcake kicking right now....I love that....

I better go, I have to do a few more things before I can get to go to bed...
giant zuchinis...kandee

 Beauty is the twinkle in the eyes, from a  happy heart!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Razzle day!

yesterday while out shopping for costumes accessories...we stumbled upon a TOY STORY posing I am as Jessie !
After we spent a good hour hunting for the  BABY registry at Babies R Us.....testing out gliders, car seat, baby swings and blankies. I am the eternal researcher, I scour consumer reports, reviews, safety and organic sites for best ratings....and this is baby I know what works and what's a waste of money! I should do a whole post about what you need and what's just a huge waste of money! ha ha ha
all that aiming my little hand-held scanner gun, and the fact that we seriously are in need of more bananas, and many other things that filled a cart full...we headed to WHOLE FOODS...JOrdan was my kidarazzi that took this picture...

Alani took this photo while we picked out our hot dinner from the trays...the potato leek soup was a hit, and always the littles enjoyed large amounts of mac n' cheese and green beans! Look and my cupcake-belly!
my littles who had to make sure they carried their little brown boxes of yummy hot food to the check out!

 My little man, who wanted to see what it was like to sit in big sister's booster seat..note the pink hand mirror in her drink holder...

my little fish admirer checking out all the "exotic" fish at Wal-Mart...where I was looking for the elusive little jars to store your creams and lotions in when traveling...Target didn't have em', and as much as I didn't want to make a Wal-Mart trip.....alas....I ended up in Wally-World!
We had a huge day of me trying to plan all the Glaminar events, but once we dropped the princess of at Kindergarten...we had non-stop errands...only to have enough time to go back and pick her up...I thought I'd try to ship all the things we need for the Glaminar in NYC this weekend, til I almost had a heart attack at how much it would cost to ship! I will just be lugging 25, 50 pound bags in the airport! ha ha ha ha
And again...after everyone has jammies on...lovings were spread...(AKA hugs and kisses)...a yummy Domino's pizza delivered...(ahhh the gift of not having to cook!)...I ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over Alani's awesome cleaning job she did straightening up her toys, teeth were brushed, they kisses the baby (well my tummy)...Blakey gave my tummy a hug and said, "me holding the baby!"
...little ones are snug in bed, and I just got enough time to type this blog...I still have to go finish packing up Glaminar gift bags...and clean up the living room...take a shower...and it's 12:01 am...ahhhh it was a great day....and they were putting up Christmas things in September at Target! yay! Christmas!

oh! Don't forget if you wanna see me on TV her to READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!

twinkly lights and birthday cake scented soap in the shower......your kandee

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Un-Glamorous Life...

I was talking to my sister today and we were laughing at how funny my life seems...last week it probably looked like I live this glamorous life....but it's so far from the truth.

yes in both of these pictures I'm toting luggage from hotels where I don't have to clean the rooms, or make the beds...but THE TRUTH IS:
I haven't even left my house since I got here from the airport on wednesday...everyday I have worn my pajamas, helped little people make trips to poop and go potty...I've frightened myself with my wild hair and lack of make-up-boyish-looks....
I've only worn pajamas everyday...yes, I haven't put a real outfit on since wednesday...but I have modeled all my jammies!
This is not glamorous...not leaving your house for days...wearing jammies everyday, the only relaxation I've gotten is in the few minutes when I am in the shower.

Even though this hasn't felt like the Glamorous life...the moments I've had with my little ones is better than any fancy place I could be, or with any fancy people. I'd trade a celebrity filled room full of fake laughs any moment for the hugs and kisses and giggles from the little hearts I've been given to love, any day!

My favorite part of this picture is the black patent leather go-go boots on with jammies! And this was right after Alani came out of the bedroom with her hand holding a little tooth- SHE LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! She told me to day this is the most exciting day because the tooth fairy is going to come leave her a little something under her pillow!

Colorful tea party at Alani's Cafe... I wish I could remember how to pronounce the food that I ate! This beats any of the most sought after restaurants in Beverly Hills or Hollywood! What other place could you be where you are truly the center of the world of your company, and where else could you be that you've never felt love like what you have for these little smiling eyes.

unglam and back in my pajammies....your kandee

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I deleted WHAT!?!?!

Little Miss having an organic vanilla waffle, post-lunch, pre-heading-out-to-kindergarten snack...
Today felt crazy...
I woke up...started my day out, post French Toast...then everything got crazy...
I accidentally deleted all the pages on my has taken me months to finish it all...oh brother! Maybe it needed an update! ha ha ha ha
Then I had to book and call around for places to hold the GLAMINARS for LA, San Francisco, Toronto, London, and try to finalize everything in Miami and for NYC next week. Book airline tickets for Toronto...try to get everything for the audio visuals for the Glaminars and find cupcake places for multiple cities....ALL while trying to redo my whole website, and build and upload all the NEW pages that just went up for all the cities to open sales!
And getting emails with news that I don't want to deal with!
I have been my pajamas again since I woke up, it's now 12:50am....and I still haven't taken a shower!

I will shower and try to get my brain to stop thinking.

then this little man marched into the kitchen to come and steal my heart... he didn't even need to brandish his heart melted at his mere presence! I showered him in hugs...and "i love you's"...

after dinner my love bugs pretended they were sleeping...and "mama" alani was telling "baby" blake a story...we then went out to Alani's Cafe for dinner with her tea set..and a dancing show she put on...we all clapped and Blaker joined her in the awesome dance moves. I had the specialty dessert, "ewmphf-lala" was delicious...even though it looked to be exactly like water.
This was the best part of my day.

the days that feel the best for me, start off from me reading some wise words from the this echoed in my head and was beautiful:
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.- 1 Corinthians 13:4

I love that....ALWAYS HOPES, ALWAYS PERSEVERES...many times today I felt so frustrated..but I kept persevering...many times I felt overwhelmed but I remembered the hope I have planted in my heart.....
as I watch my little cherubs fast asleep and I can feel my little cupcake moving around inside my "tummy-oven"...I rejoice in being a mama...and I long to spend the day with my babies. Yay for Saturday...we can sleep in, no one needs to go to school...and I get to hear my babies laughter all day!

I'm off to shower at 1:01 am.....turn Ratatouille off (it's playing in the background) climb into bed, and try to write a to-do list to my mind won't keep me awake trying to remember all I need to do tomorrow! ha ha ha ha
puffy pillows, kandee

Thursday, September 16, 2010

home sweet home

I finally arrived home last all my babies!!! Lots of kisses and hugs were flying about!
This is "kandee's cupcake watch" belly picture of the week!
NOTE: I have been working all day trying to finish off all the details for the NYC Glaminar next week, and for Miami...and I am still in my pajamas!
Funny how yesterday morning I was in Beverly Hills, feeling all pretty and dressed fun and today I am in the kitchen wearing my jammies all day! ha ha ha ha
To know me, is to know I love giving people presents! So every time I go somewhere I come back with goodies...everyone loves being greeted with a goody.... I got this hello kitty purse for Alani, so that we can have matching HEllo Kitty purses. When I gave it to her she said, "mom, we are twins (but she says it more like "trins")...I said yes we are! We even have the same zebra leggings from American Apparel!
me with crazy crimped hair and ZEBRA AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS 

and Lanzi's twin Zebra leggings from American Apparel!

here's my lil' Lanzi in her fancy apron that "gran nana" (her great grama), made her! I was working on my computer while I "dined" at her cafe on the patio!
meanwhile Farmer Blake was going back and forth in his tractor...I can never hear his, "me yuv (love) you" enough!!!
Jordan trying to avoid the "momarazzi"...but I caught him while he plays some game which requires him to wear a headset while he plays!

Although my day may not seem as glamorous as my day in LA...being with all my little lovies, having pancakes with them in the kitchen, spending the day in my jammies, while my little man Blakey and i spent the day telling each other how much we love each other...then my taller-than-me-Jordan came home and I got these pictures of him!

I am so exhausted for some reason, I've been on countless phone calls...had to give Blake a mid-morning bath, due to a potty accident...but he smelled delicious all day!

Now I'll try to take a shower, and put a clean set of jammies on! ha ha ha
love and jammies, kandee

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My twin & cupcakes in the bathroom!

I had the best day EVER yesterday with my sister! Number of times asked if we are twins since childhood: 984,838 (ok I just made that up)
number of times we were asked if we were twins yesterday: 2
(neither one of us thinks we look like twins at all! AND,,we are NOT twins. I am older by 22 months!)

I love my sister, much! She makes me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known! I hadn't seen her in almost 6 months, the day before I had my leg accident.

This is her new lil' sidekick, my niece, Sydney...oh how I love her!

Look at her fancy shirt and lil leggings! She also had on platinum colored gladiator sandals! She let me hold her and tickles her which my sister said she hardly lets anyone hold her~ I was so happy!
us 3 girls at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills....
we were starving after my doctor appointment for my leg...(we have to wait another 1-2 years to try to fix how my leg looks til' it's completely healed.) 
Being in Beverly Hills always feels so fancy...the paparazzi were waiting outside the medical building (it's the same building where all the celebs get their plastic surgery done, so the "razzi's" just stand around waiting) and my sister were very disappointed that no one tried to take our picture! ha ha ha 
We both cried a little when we had to say good bye! I love her so much, she's been my best friend since she came into this world! Just typing this and looking at the picture of us together makes tears swell up in my eyes (not so great when you're typing this blog in the San Jose Airport)...
Sister if you read this:
you mean more than any words I can ever think up...what I feel for you is a language my heart speaks to make me laugh more than anyone else in the world...and I'm pretty sure you know me better than anyone else in the world. Thank you for being my best friend...thank you for being the answer whether I'm asking you "should I buy the black pants or the army green", or what do I do when I am overwhelmed and don't know what to do! 
You're laugh makes me laugh. Your smile makes me smile. And I don't know if anyone else thinks we are funny, but I think you're hilarious, beautiful, smart, cute, and someday I hope to be as skinny as you! ha ha ha ha
I've loved you since before I ever saw you, and mom just told me she was having a little baby to be my best friend....I wish you knew hard hard it is to try not to cry right now in the middle of the airport! I love you my sasster! love always...your biggest and oldest...Biggie Smalls

(I'm so proud of my sister, she's entered the world on the internet- with all it's mean haters and commenters-and has started a blog and youtube channel...if you want to say something nice or leave her a nice here: )

AND FINALLY to end on a light note:
things I like about the SAN JOSE AIRPORT:
the lighting in here is beautiful...since I've seen it change from mid day to now night time! (ha ha ha)
*the bathrooms have cool shelves (Look at THIS!)
yes, that is a bag from SPRINKLES cupcakes I'm taking home with me! ha ha ha
pinky LUG bag
and Kitty (AKA HEllo Kitty Purse)
all safely off the pee sprinkled floor....I love this!
And here I my favorite of places to take pictures!- the bathroom!!!
OH MY GOSH!!! I almost forgot-
if you didn't read my other blog:
I am in the OCTOBER ISSUE OF ELLE MAGAZINE-and I took the picture for it-in a bathroom, too!!!
click the link above to see and read all about it!!!!
So as the sun sinks in the San Jose sky...and I've eaten my 2nd airport sandwich....
I'm sending you a huge amount of love and smile that looks extra white from red lipstick....
your kandee!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Studios and Palm Trees!

me in my photo studio (AKA the elevator) 
(my make-up in this picture: click HERE to SEE MORE)

going to camp Hollywood Land....ha ha ha....this is just where I got lost and had to turn around, but I thought it was an awesome sign.
The Tower at Warner Brothers Studios....

all the characters on the side of warner bros studio...
something inside me gets so excited when I drive by the movie studios....I just love it....I love knowing that all kinds of filming is going on behind those walls....all kinds of people getting to be a part of making believe! I love it!

I love being in LA, so much! I wish I had more time here to do everything and visit with everyone I want to.....tomorrow I am extra excited because my sister is coming down to visit with my little niece!!! I miss my babies so much....I know they are with their dad...but I just miss them so much it makes my heart hurt. They mean more to me than anything...and it feels like a huge piece of my heart is missing when I'm not with them. I know it's probably better that I am busy while they are at their dad's or it would be even harder...but at night I just miss cuddling with them, and waking up to their precious faces. I can't wait to see them on wednesday!!!

I will capture my day with my sister, I haven't seen her in almost 6 months! I saw her the day before my big leg accident...I can't wait!
huge love from LA.....kandee


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