Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning in NYC face- all business!

This is me...with no make-up..and crazy-ish the lobby of the hotel, typing this blog...
Last night I fell asleep with my laptop still on my lap after I talked to my babies and told them how much I loved and missed them...
and my heart longed to hold their little selves so much as they told me about their day..."I had a lot of fun with Daddy today, but I really miss you mama!"...oh my little hearts!

... I tried to blog after a full day of Glaminar (which was incredible!) action and only 1 1/2 hours of sleep the night before...from setting up, dinner, and blogging. No exciting tales, of being at some hip NYC hotspot, until 3am...ha ha ha
Just me in my hotel room uploading pictures, typing both blogs, answering emails, updating the website because I has mis-typed some things! ha ha ha

and now I'm sitting in the lobby typing this...SEE here's computee with NYC in the background! My hotel room has gotten very crowded with boxes and suitcases full of Glaminar gear...and not place to sit! ha ha ha...
so here I am in the spacsious lobby!

I can't wait to go get ready, get out of the hotel and see more of this amazing city! There truly is no place like New York City! There is an excitement just walking around....and at the same time this amazingly charming quality all at the same time! I love it!

such a change from my daily life....I love it!

huge love and I'll take pics to post so you can "come with me" on my NYC adventures!

love and I heart NY shirts...kandee


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