Friday, September 24, 2010

a New York State of MIND!

the view from the TARMAC at LAX (LA)....yes you can read my other blog to here all about my "VIRGIN" experience!
as me and my mom stood waiting to get our baggage from our first flight and go check in at VIRGIN..we noticed that one of our BIG BLACK bags was missing! THIS BAG HAD HALF the gift bags for the GLAMINAR TOMORROW, most of my make-up for the GLAMINAR and some of the prizes!
I ran to the baggage service place....I'm very familiar with them now! ha ha ha

I was nice and NOT angry, told the lady my problem....told her how much I liked her ZEBRA NAILS! And since I showed her kindness..she was so kind back....she tracked my bags....had them fed-exed to the hotel (they'll be here in the afternoon, which is fine because our hotel room here is so tiny I don't know where we;d be able to walk with one more bag in here! ha ha ha

And the hidden blessing in all this, is...when I went to check in at VIRGIN, I didn't have to pay for my "missing" bag to be on the flight, because Southwest was getting it to me for free now!

So instead of getting mad....I got glad and found the goodness in what could've been badness!

I can't even tell you how excited I am to be in NYC...and with my of my dreams has always been to be here with her. Her dream was always to be a fashion designer...she went to the Fashion Institute in LA, but then she got married while she was there and then got pregnant with me...who knows the missing puzzle pieces of our lives...maybe being a fashion designer is a piece that she will add to her life puzzle still.....I can't wait to be here in NYC with her!

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huge love and big apples...
enjoy this little video...


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