Thursday, September 16, 2010

home sweet home

I finally arrived home last all my babies!!! Lots of kisses and hugs were flying about!
This is "kandee's cupcake watch" belly picture of the week!
NOTE: I have been working all day trying to finish off all the details for the NYC Glaminar next week, and for Miami...and I am still in my pajamas!
Funny how yesterday morning I was in Beverly Hills, feeling all pretty and dressed fun and today I am in the kitchen wearing my jammies all day! ha ha ha ha
To know me, is to know I love giving people presents! So every time I go somewhere I come back with goodies...everyone loves being greeted with a goody.... I got this hello kitty purse for Alani, so that we can have matching HEllo Kitty purses. When I gave it to her she said, "mom, we are twins (but she says it more like "trins")...I said yes we are! We even have the same zebra leggings from American Apparel!
me with crazy crimped hair and ZEBRA AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS 

and Lanzi's twin Zebra leggings from American Apparel!

here's my lil' Lanzi in her fancy apron that "gran nana" (her great grama), made her! I was working on my computer while I "dined" at her cafe on the patio!
meanwhile Farmer Blake was going back and forth in his tractor...I can never hear his, "me yuv (love) you" enough!!!
Jordan trying to avoid the "momarazzi"...but I caught him while he plays some game which requires him to wear a headset while he plays!

Although my day may not seem as glamorous as my day in LA...being with all my little lovies, having pancakes with them in the kitchen, spending the day in my jammies, while my little man Blakey and i spent the day telling each other how much we love each other...then my taller-than-me-Jordan came home and I got these pictures of him!

I am so exhausted for some reason, I've been on countless phone calls...had to give Blake a mid-morning bath, due to a potty accident...but he smelled delicious all day!

Now I'll try to take a shower, and put a clean set of jammies on! ha ha ha
love and jammies, kandee


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