Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My twin & cupcakes in the bathroom!

I had the best day EVER yesterday with my sister! Number of times asked if we are twins since childhood: 984,838 (ok I just made that up)
number of times we were asked if we were twins yesterday: 2
(neither one of us thinks we look like twins at all! AND,,we are NOT twins. I am older by 22 months!)

I love my sister, much! She makes me laugh harder than anyone I've ever known! I hadn't seen her in almost 6 months, the day before I had my leg accident.

This is her new lil' sidekick, my niece, Sydney...oh how I love her!

Look at her fancy shirt and lil leggings! She also had on platinum colored gladiator sandals! She let me hold her and tickles her which my sister said she hardly lets anyone hold her~ I was so happy!
us 3 girls at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills....
we were starving after my doctor appointment for my leg...(we have to wait another 1-2 years to try to fix how my leg looks til' it's completely healed.) 
Being in Beverly Hills always feels so fancy...the paparazzi were waiting outside the medical building (it's the same building where all the celebs get their plastic surgery done, so the "razzi's" just stand around waiting) and my sister were very disappointed that no one tried to take our picture! ha ha ha 
We both cried a little when we had to say good bye! I love her so much, she's been my best friend since she came into this world! Just typing this and looking at the picture of us together makes tears swell up in my eyes (not so great when you're typing this blog in the San Jose Airport)...
Sister if you read this:
you mean more than any words I can ever think up...what I feel for you is a language my heart speaks to make me laugh more than anyone else in the world...and I'm pretty sure you know me better than anyone else in the world. Thank you for being my best friend...thank you for being the answer whether I'm asking you "should I buy the black pants or the army green", or what do I do when I am overwhelmed and don't know what to do! 
You're laugh makes me laugh. Your smile makes me smile. And I don't know if anyone else thinks we are funny, but I think you're hilarious, beautiful, smart, cute, and someday I hope to be as skinny as you! ha ha ha ha
I've loved you since before I ever saw you, and mom just told me she was having a little baby to be my best friend....I wish you knew hard hard it is to try not to cry right now in the middle of the airport! I love you my sasster! love always...your biggest and oldest...Biggie Smalls

(I'm so proud of my sister, she's entered the world on the internet- with all it's mean haters and commenters-and has started a blog and youtube channel...if you want to say something nice or leave her a nice here: )

AND FINALLY to end on a light note:
things I like about the SAN JOSE AIRPORT:
the lighting in here is beautiful...since I've seen it change from mid day to now night time! (ha ha ha)
*the bathrooms have cool shelves (Look at THIS!)
yes, that is a bag from SPRINKLES cupcakes I'm taking home with me! ha ha ha
pinky LUG bag
and Kitty (AKA HEllo Kitty Purse)
all safely off the pee sprinkled floor....I love this!
And here I my favorite of places to take pictures!- the bathroom!!!
OH MY GOSH!!! I almost forgot-
if you didn't read my other blog:
I am in the OCTOBER ISSUE OF ELLE MAGAZINE-and I took the picture for it-in a bathroom, too!!!
click the link above to see and read all about it!!!!
So as the sun sinks in the San Jose sky...and I've eaten my 2nd airport sandwich....
I'm sending you a huge amount of love and smile that looks extra white from red lipstick....
your kandee!!!


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