Monday, September 6, 2010

Love & Labor Day!!!

I love this little man more than words can say....he melts my heart with his good morning smiles....and his sweet, chubby, baby hands that give me hugs...and when he tells me, "me yuv (love) you!"....
Last night he asked me something about someone's name, I thought he asked me what my name was so:
ME: oh, you wanna know my name?

BLAKE:  nooo, me know you're're name mama.
ha ha ha ha ha ha

He was my little sidekick yesterday, Lanzi went to a birthday party, and Jordan wasn't feeling well so he opted to stay with his 3 grandma's (my mom, her mom (nana), and my nana's mom, Grama Vi)...and rest.
So me and my Blaker went on an adventure with my friend Teresa and her little guy. We went o have Sushi for lunch- ofcourse I only had the non-raw fish sushi because it's dangerous to eat sushi or any raw fish while you're pregnant because the exposure to coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella is very dangerous to an unborn baby (AKA cupcake).

So I had the asparagus and avocado rolls and seaweed salad. My Blaker ate some Gyoza's.

Then we headed to the MAC store, yay! Haven't been there in a while.
Then we went to Sephora to buy some essentials....(you can read it about it HERE
I even went to Old Navy to buy some cute leopard leggings, and some baggy-ish flannel shirts for growing cupcake-tummy!
We had to make a quick stop at U-Swirl (a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place...mmmm)
I got all these mess of flavors:
dulce de leche
cake batter
red velvet cake
and rainbow sprinkles on top! Sooooo yummsie!!!
Last stop Whole Foods for some yummy snacks and dinner goodies to make our dinner "buffet"!

and this is my office desk...this morning! And we're off to enjoy our Labor Day!!!!
huge love and labor day....kandee


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