Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Party like an ANIMAL!

Lesson 1. Use plates as party masks and always party at your great-grammas house!
Blaker picked out his big 3rd birthday party plates at Target...he chose: Paul Frank Monkey plates
I have to say me likey too!
Tip #2. make sure you leave a colorful party-aftermath on the table...
we have blow horns, whistles, balloon table cloth, more monkey plates and yellow cups...with bits of unwanted pizza on em!

Blaker picked his cake out too...Lighting McQueen ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins, with white cake and birthday cake flavored ice cream....everyone requested to have the "road" part of the icing on their piece...yum yucky dark grey flavored icing! ha ha ha

The birthday boy with his big birthday present....
his battery powered Backhoe!!!

Nothing is more exciting than the excitement in a little person's eyes about their birthday! My mom used to have the most amazing birthday parties for me and my sister...whether is was a princess party where we all would dress up like princess with a cake that looked like a princess, or a hawaiian party with grass skirts and a cut-out giant picture of a monkey in a tree that she painted, and we'd stick our faces in the whole where the monkey's face was....hilarious!

Here is a picture from one of my princess birthday parties, that Debby, who is the one of the top left in the pink above my lil' sister on the far left.. Debby found me again searching for make-up on youtube! I haven't heard from her in years!
I loved this party!!!!
I love celebrating people and their birthdays..especially little ones birthdays...but everyone loves to feel special and loved on their birthday!
huge love and even bigger pieces of birthday cake...your kandee


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