Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh Atlanta!!!!

Hooray! We made it to took us 2 days to make a 3 hour flight to Atlanta! ha ha ha
3 hours of sleep later I type this to you from my hotel bed in Hotlanta!
fresh from the airport..we headed to make the gift bags and set up the room for the Glaminar tomorrow...
And the biggest treat of all...maybe that I've had in years.....I got to get a massage! I've only had one massage in my life...and this was amazing! I never get to do fancy things like get a splurge is getting a pedicure at Wal-Mart...ha ha ha ha
Man, do I wish Monica coudl give me a pre-natal massage every night before I sleep! It was such a treat...after me and mom had dinner...we had a disappointing I had to indulge in the Dylan's Chocolate bar...
like the wasn't as good as I dreamed it would be in my head! ha ha ha
Yay! IT's GLAMINAR time tomorrow! I can't wait!

After getting only 3 hours of sleep I need to go rest before I have to wake up in 5 hours! ahhhhh

watch this vlogeo of my day: (please, I stayed up to make it! ha ha ha)

huge love from the home of the sweet georgia peach.....your kandee and her little peach


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