Monday, September 20, 2010

Razzle day!

yesterday while out shopping for costumes accessories...we stumbled upon a TOY STORY posing I am as Jessie !
After we spent a good hour hunting for the  BABY registry at Babies R Us.....testing out gliders, car seat, baby swings and blankies. I am the eternal researcher, I scour consumer reports, reviews, safety and organic sites for best ratings....and this is baby I know what works and what's a waste of money! I should do a whole post about what you need and what's just a huge waste of money! ha ha ha
all that aiming my little hand-held scanner gun, and the fact that we seriously are in need of more bananas, and many other things that filled a cart full...we headed to WHOLE FOODS...JOrdan was my kidarazzi that took this picture...

Alani took this photo while we picked out our hot dinner from the trays...the potato leek soup was a hit, and always the littles enjoyed large amounts of mac n' cheese and green beans! Look and my cupcake-belly!
my littles who had to make sure they carried their little brown boxes of yummy hot food to the check out!

 My little man, who wanted to see what it was like to sit in big sister's booster seat..note the pink hand mirror in her drink holder...

my little fish admirer checking out all the "exotic" fish at Wal-Mart...where I was looking for the elusive little jars to store your creams and lotions in when traveling...Target didn't have em', and as much as I didn't want to make a Wal-Mart trip.....alas....I ended up in Wally-World!
We had a huge day of me trying to plan all the Glaminar events, but once we dropped the princess of at Kindergarten...we had non-stop errands...only to have enough time to go back and pick her up...I thought I'd try to ship all the things we need for the Glaminar in NYC this weekend, til I almost had a heart attack at how much it would cost to ship! I will just be lugging 25, 50 pound bags in the airport! ha ha ha ha
And again...after everyone has jammies on...lovings were spread...(AKA hugs and kisses)...a yummy Domino's pizza delivered...(ahhh the gift of not having to cook!)...I ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over Alani's awesome cleaning job she did straightening up her toys, teeth were brushed, they kisses the baby (well my tummy)...Blakey gave my tummy a hug and said, "me holding the baby!"
...little ones are snug in bed, and I just got enough time to type this blog...I still have to go finish packing up Glaminar gift bags...and clean up the living room...take a shower...and it's 12:01 am...ahhhh it was a great day....and they were putting up Christmas things in September at Target! yay! Christmas!

oh! Don't forget if you wanna see me on TV her to READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!

twinkly lights and birthday cake scented soap in the shower......your kandee


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