Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Un-Glamorous Life...

I was talking to my sister today and we were laughing at how funny my life seems...last week it probably looked like I live this glamorous life....but it's so far from the truth.

yes in both of these pictures I'm toting luggage from hotels where I don't have to clean the rooms, or make the beds...but THE TRUTH IS:
I haven't even left my house since I got here from the airport on wednesday...everyday I have worn my pajamas, helped little people make trips to poop and go potty...I've frightened myself with my wild hair and lack of make-up-boyish-looks....
I've only worn pajamas everyday...yes, I haven't put a real outfit on since wednesday...but I have modeled all my jammies!
This is not glamorous...not leaving your house for days...wearing jammies everyday, the only relaxation I've gotten is in the few minutes when I am in the shower.

Even though this hasn't felt like the Glamorous life...the moments I've had with my little ones is better than any fancy place I could be, or with any fancy people. I'd trade a celebrity filled room full of fake laughs any moment for the hugs and kisses and giggles from the little hearts I've been given to love, any day!

My favorite part of this picture is the black patent leather go-go boots on with jammies! And this was right after Alani came out of the bedroom with her hand holding a little tooth- SHE LOST HER FIRST TOOTH! She told me to day this is the most exciting day because the tooth fairy is going to come leave her a little something under her pillow!

Colorful tea party at Alani's Cafe... I wish I could remember how to pronounce the food that I ate! This beats any of the most sought after restaurants in Beverly Hills or Hollywood! What other place could you be where you are truly the center of the world of your company, and where else could you be that you've never felt love like what you have for these little smiling eyes.

unglam and back in my pajammies....your kandee


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