Thursday, September 2, 2010

Katie Holmes has nothin' on my HIGH pants!!!

when I first saw Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpson wearing their ribcage-touching pants....I thought "yuck! soooooo ugly!".....and then lo' and behold...
the Kandee-belly is sportin' a pair of highrisers  herself!
And I don't dare ask, "Do these make my belly look big!?!" ha ha ha
So I hate the feeling of things being on my belly...and when I went into the maternity store and she said I would love these and had to try I thought,
"yeah right"....
and now you see me standing in my bathroom wearing my unitard-like pants that I think are super comfy! ha ha ha

(blaker is even wondering, "what are these pants you got on?"
I woke up at 6:45 am and my day hasn't stopped, from pancakes to driving to middle school elementary school to Target, to having phone call meetings in between all this, emailing back and forth trying to book the rest of the events for the glaminars...oh yeah, and taking a shower and actually putting my make-up on before I left the house...I kept thinking, "and I didn't even blog this morning!!!!".....
here's my favorite ZEBRA legs (from American Apparel), her fav patent leather boots and jewelry that she has adopted from my jewelry collection which she wore to school!
High Kick Posing!!! This is what she did when I told her to pose for me! ha ha ha

and we are off and running to back-to-school night!!!! Me and my high pants that is!
love and high-waisted pants.....kandee


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