Friday, September 3, 2010

Flying in my private jet!!

I would love to pretend that my southwest airlines seat is a first class seat-
the truth is I've never flown first class in my life! As first class as southwest gets is, when you get a newer plane that has the fancier leather seats like this one, and metal twisty handles on the tray tables.

And yes, you caught me red-handed reading one of a People magazine! This is last week when I was super sick and my brain couldn't handle reading any of my "brain-requiring" business books. And we weren't cleared to turn on "our electronic devices" yet.

So I snuzzle up with my leopard neck pillow thing that's way too puffy, so I turn it kinda sideways, all gangster style (ha ha ha)...and look at my little belly!

I had a crazy day planning things for the GLAMINARS...making sure all the gift bag goodies will be there.
Taking lil people to go potty.
Answer phone calls for event spaces.
Trying to plan how i'll get to my leg doctors in LA right after Atlanta Glaminar.
Getting little people snacks and juice....cuddling with my lil Blaker til he fell asleep with his silky pillow case stuffed inside his shirt- he looks like like a very muscley man sleeping..ha ha ha my cutie!

I am so excited because I think I get to go to a big rib cook-off this week-end, where me and my mama got to work on a tv show a few years ago...I have such good memories with her there...and the food is yummy! Ribs, corn on the cob, funnel cake...mmmmm

happy friday and Labor Day.....your kandee


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