Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogging in the Air!

this was me hours ago by the uber cool pool at the W Hotel in Atlanta...Man, did I wish I had a bathing suit and a little time to go for a swim!
I am now typing this on the plane...and for a mere $12.99 I can go online! Too bad after I thought, cool I'll have 3 hours left to get all my work done computee says we only 40 minutes of battery left. Come on computer! ha ha ha

*the Hartfield Atlanta Airport is THE BUSIEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD!!
*the airport in ATLANTA is the 3rd LARGEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD
* PARIS  is second and the airport in Saudi Arabia is the largest, it's bigger than most cities!

See when you read my blog, you get smarter!
(ooh, we just had a little turbulence)

PLEASE, if you did not read about my day today on my other it RIGHT NOW! It's amazing how my day looked like it was gonna be not good because I missed my flight...but all that looked like a bunch of poop manure in my day, really turned out to grow some beautiful flowers...
CLICK HERE TO READ IT (i's a good one!):

After I missed my of the things that made me the most excited was, that I'd get to go back to the hotel and eat lunch with my mama! You see, since I had been dropped off at the hotel from the airport when we landed in Atlanta...I NEVER EVENT GOT TO GO OUTSIDE THE HOTEL until it was time for me to go back to the airport! ha ha ha ha

So me and mom had heard that this place called FLYING BISCUIT was super good. WE saw one from the taxi...and had to eat there!
OH MY BISCUITS & GRITS!!! please look at these grits!!!! They have won awards for how good they are!
Please let me pause and tell you how I love grits! It's like creamy, buttery, potato-ness and like cream of wheat (without the lumps), so, so yummy! I could've just had a bucket of this! Then we got the Biscuits with brown sugar Georgia peached, raspberry and cream AND the ooey gooey chocolate biscuit cupcake with 3 layers of cream cheese icing! oh my FLYING BISCUIT!!! so good!

I had to race  back to the hotel with mama...we ran real fast to peek at the pool and take the picture above...then mom walked me to the Train (AKA Marta) catch the last subway train to the airport. It only cost $2.50 to get to the airport that way, and I got to see a little bit more of Atlanta from the train.

I got back to the airport...found out our plane would be an hour I typed my blog for, when I was done with that I had just enough time to post to the bano to pee real fast, the line was ree-donkulous to get on the plane, so I had just enough time to buy a junk magazine and get back in line!

Whew! And now I sit, post cup of gingerale, snack box of chicken salad and crackers and some cookies in my belly...typing this to you from the PLANE! Isn't that so cool!


SITTING IN THE EMERGENCY AISLE: can't put your seat back

DISLIKE: peeing in bathrooms on planes

WEIRDNESS: I feel compelled to keep my arms at an odd distance from the armrest where the guy sitting next to me looks like he's doing the same...we look like little kids scared to touch someone with cooties! ha ha ha ha

HOURS LEFT TO FLY: 2 hours and 16 minutes

huge love from 35,000 feet in the air!!!!! your kandee


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