Monday, January 31, 2011

The most amazing before and after!!!

It is amazing how much your belly can grow and stretch to hold a baby...and then it "shrinks" back....I know it will take awhile before all my poor muscles that were SUPER stretched out...will go back!

But I am very amazed how "flatter" I feel already! ha ha ha

from this:
to this: in one week is pretty good to me!
(I've always thought is was awesome that God designed us that when we nurse, it helps contract our tummies more reason to celebrate breast feeding!)

It was so funny when I took one of my "first" showers after baby....and I looked down at my belly...and i didn't see my belly and feel her moving around inside...I missed it a little bit!

Ofcourse I am so excited to be able to hold her in my arms....
but the their is something so MIRACULOUS about knowing that a precious little life is being formed inside you...with a little heartbeat and little hair growing, and little dreams and talents, and personality forming...

simply amazing....
the incredible shrinking stomach...your kandee

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I can hardly believe it's been one week since I was walking around with my big baby belly...or that it was one week ago that I had just finished labor! (insert a bug hooray for that! ha ha)

maybe because it's been a whirlwind of sleeplessness...hoping for a shower... up all night long watching cooking shows or home make-over shows, while I nurse this precious angel...wondering how many other mama's are up nursing their little angels too!

I woke up to see baby's "first snow" on the ground...
it was beautiful...and I better sounds like my little precious is waking up......
love and snowflakes and 1 week -oldness.....your kandee
CLICK HERE for a little "glue to fix your heart" from me:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby & Mama Portrait

oh the joys of being a new mama...
you never realize how awesome it is to take a shower! (ha ha ha)
I even had time to blow dry my hair...what a treat!

After me and baby danced her to sleep today listening to Jack Johnson again...
we even had a visit from my grampa guy (he's my danish grampa)...who told me she was gorgeous and that I did a great job!

We ate cinnamon rolls..Jordan made the icing..delicious...and he won't tell me his recipe! ha ha
I then went to eat at Blaker's restaurant..where he asked, "what would you like to eat ma'am?"..."dupcakes" (cupcakes).....yes, I LOVE DUP-CAKES!

me and Blaker played trucks last night...he was so cute..he was working in his "workshop"...and said, "you can play with my trucks if you want to"...while he was busy working!

and here's my littlest heart melter this morning...6 days old today!!!

cinnamon rolls and cooking shows (because that's what I watch all night long while nursing! ha ha)...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby's First "meet" video!

I tried to post this earlier...but little princess woke up...then my fabulous midwife team came for me and baby's check-up appointment (i love that i didn't have to leave my house....they just come to wonderful!)
and now...I'm trying to type this fast enough that I can get a shower in! hooray!

here's the first video (well I showed right after she was born, but it was dark and you couldn't really see her very well) here she is.....
 PS I had some really cute pictures to upload...but my computer says it's ready to blow up...ha ha ha so I have to transfer files and delete a bunch of stuff before I can upload anything...oh Computer! ha ha ha

huge love from a very tired....kandee ha ha ha (I'm surprised I had enough energy to spell my name correctly! ha ha)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Look of 4!

and the littlest of the lovebugs in the house....on her beautiful 4th morning in the world! We danced and walked around all night...until I finally got to sleep a few minutes here and there...I don't mind waking up however often she opens her precious lil' eyes...I am excited to get to hold her and feel her little blessing-self, in my arms, and finally look into those sweet lil' eyes that I've been so excited to see all these months she's just been nestled in my tummy...
We had our first ALL night of cloth diapers last night...she didn't even cry with the cloth diaper change...and I started using little clothes of warm water, instead of wipes....(even the gentle-est, most all natural ones are really hard on new babies incredibly new and sensitive skin....happy rashes either!)

this is the look of love....
very little sleep...but I don't care...ha ha...this is how I look right this second as I type this!
my mom has even caught on to the no make-up trend I'm starting! ha ha ha My mama, Shannon...I love her so much...and I just thanked her so much for having me...and being pregnant with me...and going through all the hard work it takes to bring a baby here! She is the most amazing mom that I could've been blessed with!
she even made us all blueberry pancakes!
my little lovebugs, eating their pancakes!
the ever-stylish Blaker that picked out his own Paul Frank hoodie...and his love for hats that are slightly turned sideways....oh he's so precious!

I am off to see if I can take a shower or something fancy like that before she wakes up......
sleepless and loving it....your kandee

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Labor & the Cupcake

I bet you guys didn't know I took you with me with I was in labor! hee hee hee I filmed all this while in labor...don't worry...I only show the LABOR, not the delivery! ha ha
and then go to see right get to see the first video of lil "cupcake"...while Daddy holds her...and you get to hear me in the background....
I love how I edited this video super tired...and spelled "hear" wrong at the end of the video! ha ha ha
(this is one of my favorite still shots...ha ha ha...I call this: Crazy Labor Hair!)

Labor is beautiful....the birth was absolutely incredible! I will do a separate video about my Home was the most amazing birthing experience ever....after having 3 babies in hospitals...and this one at was the my most incredible, gentle, beautiful and calm birthing experience ever! (I'll work on a video about it soon!)....

I have to tell you how precious each one of you are to me...from your beautiful words, which I read every comment...especially now that I'm up all night....I really have time to read every single one, very slowly, or mutliple times if I want! ha ha ha ha...
thank you for being a part of the excitement for this precious little "cupcake"... it was so much fun to share all of this with you....I can't wait to share the rest!!
huge hugs...from your kandee

Get ready to come with me....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning with my Cupcake!

she's only been here 3 days...and has captured my heart in every moment....
this is a peek at our morning...(I am typing faster than ever...since I have very little free time..ha ha...she is sleeping right now)
I am just so amazed that this little precious baby was growing inside my stomach just a few days ago...all her preciousness was tucked inside the "ball" on my's unbelievable...
Big Sister Alani watching her...the kids just love her! And run in and look at favorite is Blakey says, "she's so toot" (meaning: she's so CUTE!)...
As soon as I get time I'm going to edit the video from the day I went into labor...(never got a chance to finish that one! ha ha)
and i can't wait to tell you guys about my HOME BIRTH experience!
huge love from my heart that feels so HUGE with love,
your kandee and her cupcake!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cupcake is here!!!!

i'll blog more tomorrow..but i am super exhausted...and it's not so easy for me to type right now...just so excited to show her to the world!!!

i posted about...
thinking i should call my midwife on facebook and twitter at about 3:40 in the morning
and little Cupcake (who we still haven't picked out a name for...we have up to 30 days! ha ha ha) at 7:04am!
I'll give you all more details later...just sooo tired....

she weighed 8 lbs and 2 oz, was 21.5 inches long...and is perfect...
 after she got "dressed"...thanks to "Nana Shannon"...she is still laying on the little sling that they weigh her with....

she is snuzzled up next to me right now...and my heart grew even bigger today with love for her!

all the kids woke up a couple hours after she was born and were so excited to see her...even big brother Jordan....

I promise I will type more filling you  in on all the fun details about everything from labor and everything else....I'm just a wee bit's alot of work getting a cupcake out of the oven! ha ha ha..but worth every single moment!

Our Cupcake is here!!!! Just had to show her to you all......"our cupcake is here!"
huge love and a semi-deflated belly....your kandee and her cupcake

(Yes, I if there was a "hard-core blogger" award, I might win it for blogging just hours after baby was born! Ha ha ha)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Come with me from sunrise to sunset on my 1 WEEK AFTER DUE DATE DAY ADVENTURE!
and see some fun goodies toooooooo......
Baby Bella Maya...the place where I got my ree-diddly-dinkulously, cute leopard car seat cover, sent me  little matching presents...(soooooo cutesy)
i can't wait to put lil' cupcake in this outfit!
thank you everyone at BABY BELLA MAYA for the goodies!! you guys not only make the cutest bay things...but you are the nicey-est!
Let's go watch me go from no make-up at sunrise..ha ha ha to no make-up in my bed! ha ha ha
(and yes, I am having some contractions as I type this! hee hee)

love and contractions..hee hee your kandee and the cupcake

Friday, January 21, 2011

AHHH! Morning Hair & Day 6 past DUE DATE!

Ahoy there morning hair!
Get ready to see me first thing in the morning...nevermind that it's 6 days after my due date! ha ha ha
And I recorded everything in my day from getting alani ready for school, going to Target, Home Depot, In-N-Out, returning my fake flowers I bought last week, picking alani up from school, going to get a frozen all got deleted somehow on my video camera!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...i was so mad, because it was going to be so fun!!!! enjoy what we did end up filming....
having some Braxton Hicks Contractions today...the warm up ones!

huge love to all my precious kandee family.....
come and let's see what we were with me in spirit!!! xoxo

Thursday, January 20, 2011


5 Days after...come with me!!!
(polka dot shirt from H & M, one of my few pairs of incredibly uncomfortable maternity pants from A Pea In The Pod, Boots from Miz Mooz...and I think everyone knows where I got my Hello Kitty Purse! ha ha ha

I think it's funny now when people ask, "when are you due?"....
"oh last week!" ha ha ha ha ha

Come with me my bestie! You are like a sparkle on my shoulder traveling with me wherever I go!
Come on..let's go see what we did! hee hee

yes, and since you guys didn't mind seeing me in my get another good bye from my me in my jammies! hee hee

the biggest love...bigger than my belly to you!!! xoxo your kandee and cupcake

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 4 past DUE DATE!

This was yesterday's video....I've been so busy with meetings, appointments, blogging, making videos, doctor's appointments, and my list could keep going I'm a little behind......ha ha ha
BUT HERE is the video I've been working on since yesterday....
I still need to put the dishes away, do laundry....I still have unpacking to do...I need to upload one more video and I need to type one more blog!
ha ha I hope I don't go into labor yet!

Here's the video.......I can't wait for us all to see baby cupcake!!!!

I am so humbled and honored to feel all the love you guys send my way....I hope that you can just feel a fraction of the love I have for you too! Thank you for being my kandee family...! Can't wait for our cupcake to get here! xoxo kandee

i wish I had....

On my wish list...
#1 would be knowing when my princess, cupcake, or Princess & the White Stick, will be here!
#2. well it was on my wish list, I guess it still is...but when I saw the price...I think it will just have to remain on my wishlist! ha ha ha

My Dream/Wish Bag:
The Cake Society Satchel from Petunia Pickle Bottom

I saw the adorable girl in San Francisco carrying this bag as a green...

and then I found out it was a diaper bag! I loved it as just a purse!!!!
Not only so I love the vintage feel of the purse, something that reminds me of a funky Mary Poppins Bag....but I love that it says "CAKE" on me a sucker for baked goods! ha ha ha

How cute is this bag! Maybe tonight I will just dream of toting this adorable bag around with my perfect...CUPCAKE and her CAKE BAG! ha ha ha

I will be posting an update video soon.......

I'm just too tired and baby belly are so sleepy! huge hugs from me and my getting bigger belly...your kandee

Monday, January 17, 2011

asleep in mama's arms...

I love this and mama fast asleep....
this was me and my Jordan when he was little...
I think about when I had him...I was so young....
I had gotten married when I was 17 (like 3 generations of women in my family before....not the wisest of decisions...ha ha ha) and I didn't get married because I was pregnant or anything....I got pregnant months after we got married...
I had no idea how much love I'd have for this precious angel...
back when Jordan was shorter than me...he was 2 here...(super young kandee...and super young Jordan)My handsome little was love at first sight when I saw him!
as I sit and type this...this is my big baby belly view (ha ha ha ha) I wonder what my precious little princess will look like when we finally get to see her!
and as I go to bed.....I wonder...."will Princess & The White Stick" show up tonight....I've gone into labor with all my babies in the middle of the night!
If not I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow!
sweet dreams from kandee and her love belly!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Days after my Due Date!

It's officially 2 days after my due baby yet...she's still cooking in the oven!
and may I present to you the official 1 Day After My Due Date Video...
Please watch the is my VERY FAVORITE...most heart melty part......
it is so great I played it in there twice!!!!

This has been so fun, with these daily videos..because I feel like I get to take you all with me wherever I go and with me whatever I am doing!!! We have all been BFF's everyday! ha ha ha ha

happy baby-ness....and remember "I yuv you too"......your kandee

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Official Due Date Video!

January due date video (even though now it's the 15th!ha ha ha)
here's what happened on the due date....(and you get to see my Jordan!) Alani is visiting with her Dad and Grandparents...or she would be here too! we miss her! it's just me, big Jojo...and "Princess and the White Stick"-namer!
Thanks all my blog family for SUBSCRIBING to my new channel on youtube ( almost made it on the top 100 most subscribed for the day list yesterday!
Here we go...hope you like it....
And maybe I'll try to post "special-blog-family" videos for you guys, here only, not on youtube...
You guys really are my kandee family...I love and cherish all your love-comments...and read them all! Thank you for filling my heart with so much love for when baby arrives!!!!
huge baby belly hugs...your kandee

PS. If you wanna take a peek at my closet and see my new favorite "closet must have's" go to my "normal" (ha ha ha) blog: to see!

Oh and the cloth diapers....I got the SPOSOEASY

Friday, January 14, 2011

Due Date Dancing!!!

Here's a special DUE DATE video...
entitled....Due Date Dancing! hee hee
This is a "blog-only" special video....for all my kandee blog family!

check out my blog for my "pregnancy portrait"....
dancin' shoes and due date

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Last day before due date!!! Sorry it took me a little longer than I thought to upload and edit this....I am trying to get so much done before baby gets here!
(shirt is from a souvenir/bathing suit store! ha ha ha) here it is...the final "pre-due-date" video!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!


Due Date is Tomorrow!!!!!

Tomorrow is the due date!!! We'll see if baby shows up on time! Thought I might go into labor last night...but it was just fake-ness! ha ha ha
Here's me with the new car seat cover in leopard and pink!!!!
If you want one too...I got it at : Baby Bella Maya (click on name to go there!) So adorabibble!
My Bobby (Bobby is my boyfriend...and I don't talk about him a lot, I share a lot of things, but some things I like to keep a little private...maybe I'll do a post about him soon...we'll see) brought me some beautiful pink roses yesterday...they look so fun and pretty with my old vintage turquoise flour container, and my lime green cake stand!

Here's my "2 Days Til Due Date Video & Baby Names Ideas!"...and I attempt to put the Car sear Cover on! ha ha ha Good times...all by myself! ha ha ha

whoa baby....kandee

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Conversation this morning & A peek in the PAST!

I was going through some old pictures and found these...
this was Jordan when he was a little business man...or a singer in a quartet or heading off to the yacht club! ha ha ha
Me and my first precious baby...Jordan...when he was shorter than me....and my hair was shorter than his!
and here's my precious Lanzi-belle! Me and her had played photo shoot! I love those chubby baby legs!

my conversation this morning with Blakey about what we should name the baby....
(I have a fun contest coming up! Maybe I'll post it tomorrow if I don't go into labor before then! ha ha)
babies and babies....kandee


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