Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Look of 4!

and the littlest of the lovebugs in the house....on her beautiful 4th morning in the world! We danced and walked around all night...until I finally got to sleep a few minutes here and there...I don't mind waking up however often she opens her precious lil' eyes...I am excited to get to hold her and feel her little blessing-self, in my arms, and finally look into those sweet lil' eyes that I've been so excited to see all these months she's just been nestled in my tummy...
We had our first ALL night of cloth diapers last night...she didn't even cry with the cloth diaper change...and I started using little clothes of warm water, instead of wipes....(even the gentle-est, most all natural ones are really hard on new babies incredibly new and sensitive skin....happy rashes either!)

this is the look of love....
very little sleep...but I don't care...ha ha...this is how I look right this second as I type this!
my mom has even caught on to the no make-up trend I'm starting! ha ha ha My mama, Shannon...I love her so much...and I just thanked her so much for having me...and being pregnant with me...and going through all the hard work it takes to bring a baby here! She is the most amazing mom that I could've been blessed with!
she even made us all blueberry pancakes!
my little lovebugs, eating their pancakes!
the ever-stylish Blaker that picked out his own Paul Frank hoodie...and his love for hats that are slightly turned sideways....oh he's so precious!

I am off to see if I can take a shower or something fancy like that before she wakes up......
sleepless and loving it....your kandee


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