Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby & Mama Portrait

oh the joys of being a new mama...
you never realize how awesome it is to take a shower! (ha ha ha)
I even had time to blow dry my hair...what a treat!

After me and baby danced her to sleep today listening to Jack Johnson again...
we even had a visit from my grampa guy (he's my danish grampa)...who told me she was gorgeous and that I did a great job!

We ate cinnamon rolls..Jordan made the icing..delicious...and he won't tell me his recipe! ha ha
I then went to eat at Blaker's restaurant..where he asked, "what would you like to eat ma'am?"..."dupcakes" (cupcakes).....yes, I LOVE DUP-CAKES!

me and Blaker played trucks last night...he was so cute..he was working in his "workshop"...and said, "you can play with my trucks if you want to"...while he was busy working!

and here's my littlest heart melter this morning...6 days old today!!!

cinnamon rolls and cooking shows (because that's what I watch all night long while nursing! ha ha)...


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