Monday, January 31, 2011

The most amazing before and after!!!

It is amazing how much your belly can grow and stretch to hold a baby...and then it "shrinks" back....I know it will take awhile before all my poor muscles that were SUPER stretched out...will go back!

But I am very amazed how "flatter" I feel already! ha ha ha

from this:
to this: in one week is pretty good to me!
(I've always thought is was awesome that God designed us that when we nurse, it helps contract our tummies more reason to celebrate breast feeding!)

It was so funny when I took one of my "first" showers after baby....and I looked down at my belly...and i didn't see my belly and feel her moving around inside...I missed it a little bit!

Ofcourse I am so excited to be able to hold her in my arms....
but the their is something so MIRACULOUS about knowing that a precious little life is being formed inside you...with a little heartbeat and little hair growing, and little dreams and talents, and personality forming...

simply amazing....
the incredible shrinking stomach...your kandee


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