Thursday, January 6, 2011

9 days til due date!

Well, this was a couple days technically there's like almost 7 days now! ha ha ha
But come visit my ultrasound day adventure!

Yes, I am having baby at home!
No I am not getting induced again!
I will never get induced again!
I even fought my doctor with the last baby...and refused to show up to my induction appointment...
and baby came right when he was supposed to and it was best and easiest delivery yet!

I am an all natural mama, I believe in:
cloth diapers (which I was up super late researching again, this will be my first cloth diaper baby!)
and the list could go on! ha ha ha
I know some mama's have had to have c-sections...and that scar is a love note about your baby being born...I just think it's not right when doctors scare women into having c-sections for convenience's dangerous for mama and baby. And boy don't get me started on being induced...2 awful labors from being induced once with Pitocin and once with an medicine that is now illegal (great!). They worst contractions ever, that come out of no can't move, need to be on an IV in case they need to do an "emergency c-section", because the induction medicine slows babies heart rate down, you can't eat...and seriously the contractions hurt SOOOOO much worse when I was induced than when it was natural. (ha ha ha..I love how one girl said that Pitocin is from the devil! ha ha ha)

so here's my day in the 9th day countdown....but who know's all my due date's are usually wrong by a week or two!

off to go unpack...your kandee


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